July 25, 2007

Family Day At Leo's

Well it rained today so we decided to head to Idaho Falls for a trip to Leo's. The kids love playing on all of the toys. Here are a few pictures of Kate trying out the jungle gym. This is the first trip to Leo's that she has been big enough to join in the fun.











Dylan had a blast too!











The kids loved skiball. I was an embarrased mom as I tried to get the kids to roll the ball and not throw it as hard as they could. Those wood balls make a lot of noise. The picture of Scott would be him having fun playing video games, right before I busted him for using all of Kate's tokens. I guess dad's love Leo's too!











Kate chowing on french fries. Skinny Kate!





Anyone that has spent a little time with Katebug, knows that she is ga'ga' over shoes. She has to have a pair on at all times. Most mornings I find her in her crib hugging a shoe. Well she saw this pair of Crocs at Leo's and wanted them. I tried telling her that they weren't hers and to stay away. Then, I sat back and took pictures, as I watched her mythodically inch towards the shoes that she knew she wasn't suppose to touch.




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Ang said...

I love how only the shoes are in color!! So cute. How did you do that?