July 23, 2007

Look Mom, No Hands!

3 years old and riding a bike...what? Dylan is so funny. When he first got his bike he thought that he was really cool because his bike had two extra wheels (training wheels) and his friend Jackson only had two wheels on his bike. After about a month he realized on his own that training wheels were for sissies. He kept asking me to take his training wheels off. Finally, I took him to the neighbors house (thinking that I was really smart) and put him on the two-wheeler to teach him that riding without training wheels would be hard and scary. To my complete amazement he took off on the little bike leaving me stunned and running behind him. I knew that Dylan was very determined and very coordinated, but he surprised me again. When he sets his mind to something he doesn't stop.

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Ang said...

I am feeling so guilty now for not taking Gage out to ride his bike...ever. Way to go Dylan!!! That really is impressive.

g said...

Erin! Of course I remember you!! And I actually still have that picture I took of you and Liz with the guy in the leopard speedo- not kidding. How fun that you have a blog too- your kids are beautiful! It's so fun to see friends with their little growing families. Thanks for leaving me a message- it was fun to hear from you! I have been kind of lazy with the blog updates- I need to do that this week. Just sometimes I think that no one reads mine. Now I know better! Talk to you later- gloriana