August 22, 2007

Talking Dirty About Flies...

Have you ever had a fly in your house that you just couldn't get ride of? Picture me attempting to swat this one annoying fly that would not leave me alone. This began yesterday.

Folding lands on my to get the swatter...lost fly...doing lands on the to get the fly to be found...etc, etc, etc.

If you have the picture you now understand that I was completely and utterly overcome with happiness and joy when today at approximately 12:46 PM I smashed the little bugger.


"Oh yes I got it, finally...(nearing tears and looking upward) THANK YOU!!! Hey Dylan...I killed the fly"...(thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn't have used such a violent word as kill when talking to a 3 year old)


"Mom, what did you do? (nearing tears and looking upward at me)... Mom!!!"(Screaming and starting to cry and throwing a tantrum as dramatic as they come)


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