September 16, 2007

Anytime Fitness Blackfoot Open's

Well it is official! Anytime Fitness Blackfoot is now open. I have been really bad lately at bloging. My free time is just limited...Just call me NOtime Erin. Anyway, I'll have a lot of catching up to do! I have many stories to tell and lots of pictures to post...but for now I will just tell you that I have had a lazy Sunday. What is a lazy Sunday you ask? Well today, a lazy Sunday for me consisted of waking up to an empty house...Yes...empty house. And where was my family you ask? Well when you wake up to an empty house at 11:30 AM on a Sunday morning, you can pretty much assume that your family members are at church...without you. What? I slept through church? Nobody woke me up? No crying kids asked me for breakfast? How could this have happened? When Scott came home from church he didn't say a word...and I didn't say a word. He just sort of looked at me like..."hey, your 31 years old, set an alarm...if you didn't hear me get out of bed, shower, get the kids ready for church, brush their teeth, feed them and slam the door on the way were probably not going to hear me say...Erin get out of bed and get ready for church!" I guess I just had a long week. But the Gym is now open and my work load should greatly decrease.

Side Note: Scott does funny things sometimes when he gets the kids ready. Crazy combinations of clothes, etc. Well, when there hasn't been clean laundry in two weeks you can imagine the options for the kids that he was dealing with. Let's just say you should have seen how beat up my kids looked. Scott did Kate's hair to, which let's just say was...Adorable! I'm pretty lucky to have a husband that is willing to take two crazy kids to church by himself...I wonder if next week he'll do my hair?


Kesli said...

Erin - Congrats on getting the gym opened. I hope everything continues to go well.

thebakerbook said...

Sometimes thats just ok...everyone needs to sleep in once in a while!