November 14, 2007

Halloween 2007

Here is a late update on Halloween for the Peterson's this year. Dylan had his mind set on being Thomas the Tank Engine and after months of debating with him...he won. I thought that it couldn't possibly get more dorky than the Thomas costume...but I actually think he looked quite cute. Kate was a black cat...super original (yep..,five minute costume) and Scott was....CAPTAIN RUNNING MAN of course.


We started the night out at our Ward Party which, by the way, is fabulous! The kids had no idea why everyone was handing them free candy. Dylan looked at me and said, "Mom, I think I like Halloween!" He even kept his Thomas hat on which was adorable. Kate just sat on the floor of the Church eating 'teet' after 'teet' (Treat) and Scott, aka 'The Captain' passed out Candy. One guy dressed as Spider Man came up and asked Scott who he was and then being totally serious and just going with the flow said, "Oh ya, I thought that's who you were"....?

We then went to Wal-mart so that 'The Captain' could make an appearance. The kids got more and more candy walking through Wal-marts party, and then we ended at our dear friends the Williams.

What a night. We had one more party to go to, but Scott was done by this time and just wanted out of his costume. There aren't any pictures of me dressed up, but don't worry, I did dress up. I think you might have seen me dressed in this costume before...I was....A SEXY MOM!!! (What's new, right?)

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