November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Our Thanksgiving holiday started with a bang! We had so much fun celebrating my dad's birthday. Dylan, Kate and I left Idaho early to make it in time to have a birthday dinner with my dad. The kids were not excited as I pulled into the restaurant. Dylan started screaming, "I want to go see Papa". He didn't realize that Papa was in the restaurant waiting for us. They were so excited to see Papa and Nana, and I think that everyone eating could see and hear the crazy celebration. (Note to not take the kids to a public place when they have been in the car for 4.5 hours...should have been 3 hours ~ curse the traffic!)

Okay, so about 10 seconds before I started videoing this my mom was counting while she was spanking my dad, she made it all the way to 20 before she stopped counting. I have never laughed so hard...this is just the tail end of the kinky spanking, but I still thought it was funny and it is fun to see the cute chemistry between my parents...(sort of disturbing...haha) they are so much fun!

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