November 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Kate Bug!

Kate turned the big 2 today! She is so much fun! This is a picture of her first kiss taken Halloween night. How cute is that! (Won't be so cute in a few years!)

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Tiffany said...

k... she is the cutest little thing! I hope she had a great birthday! i am sure you did something fun! It's so nice to be able to keep in touch with you!

Ang said...

Happy Birthday Kate Bug!!!! Do you ever stop and wonder how she got to be two??!! I do that all the time with Kyah. Kate is so darling.

kristi said...

ok, i kind of think you are the one making me cry now!!
thanks for your kind comments and don't forget to put a magic bead on your shoe lace, one to represent your husband and kids or something. it is a fun thing to look down at while you are running.
good luck on thanksgiving. i will be thinking of you and looking forward to how it goes!!!