January 14, 2008

I love being an Aunt!

Can I tell you how much I love being an Aunt. I had to wait 28 years to have this title. I love it. Here are my nieces, Samantha, Maylie, and Amy. Naked Laides in a tub...My Favorite! Some of my best memories as a kid were taking baths at my Aunt Jill's house with Taryn, Mandy and Lisa. You ask why? Well, I'm not sure...but we always had a blast. You know, I still love baths!

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Jewels said...

Such cute pictures! And I love the layout of your blog...so sassy, me wanty.

Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

So cute and fun!

A Little Sass said...

I just figured out that you are related to the Aikens. I went to prom with Ryan. He was my first high school boyfriend. Oh I could tell you some funny stories! Small world!