February 12, 2008

Bumps & Bruises

If you know Dylan, he is really wild and always has been. Here is a video of one of his many boo boo's. Really sad, but kind of funny? Am I a bad mom or what?


Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

That one makes me laugh every time! I have to admit, I watched it more than once!

Brooke Woods said...

Erin- Thanks for the floor suggestion! What a total nightmare. Right now we have a call into the floor manufacturer to see if they have any brilliant solutions. We shall see. More importantly, you have the cutest blog! You are such a fun mom, and you're kids are beautiful. You guys have a really cute family!

Lucrecia said...

Boys are so nuts! I have so many pictures of scabby bruised shins. I just laugh so hard because they never learn. Even when they know they could get hurt they always think it's worth the risk. Gotta love it!