February 12, 2008

P.S. I Love You!

So a few weekends ago Kimm and I went on a date. It was a great girls night out, one I desperately needed. We hit the mall and drove around the parking lot with the window's down singing "Oops, I did it again...". We scared a few mall rats and lost our voices...it was fun! Then as we hurried into the theatre we both had to go to the bathroom super bad. I opted to go and save seats so that we wouldn't have bad seats. When Kimm got back from the bathroom she found me like this, the only one in the theatre. It is a good thing that I saved seats!

The truth is I didn't cry once. I laughed the entire time and loved it. I took Scott to see it the next weekend. He loved it also.

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Sarah said...

I'm not the comment-posting type, but this one is simply too funny - I actually laughed out loud! The picture of you by yourself in the theater, immediately followed by the snot rag hanging out of Kimm's nose - NICE!