March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Scotty!!!

I hope you love this little video clip of my crazy, energetic hubby who is turning 29 today!!!

29 Things about Scott that everybody should know

1. I thought that two of Scott’s toes were webbed, but apparently they are just really short toes. (Both kids have toes just like them!)

2. Scott is a master at the violin and when he was in high school he played a solo during half time at his basket ball game.

3. Scott loves…did I say loves the Back Street Boys. This is not a lie.

4. Scott served a Full-Time Mission for the LDS church in Louisville Kentucky.

5. Scott is an amazing athlete…AMAZING. Tennis & Basketball are probably his favorites.

6. Scott still makes me time him on his sprints. He doesn’t want to turn into an old man; he wants to stay super fast.

7. Scott washes my car and vacuums it out for me just about every week.

8. Scott has changed just as many if not more dirty diapers than me.

9. Scott is an Eagle Scout.

10. Scott does sit-ups every morning before he gets in the shower.

11. Scott is the designated Master of putting the kids to bed. When he is gone during the week I am lost.

12. Scott is the most amazing Teacher. Right now he teaches the 14 & 15 year olds in Sunday School and I go to his class every Sunday because I feel the spirit so strong and learn so much. He definitely has a gift for teaching the gospel.

13. Scott does a terrible English Accent, and it is so funny when he tries to be serious.

14. When we were dating Scott was a total gentleman. He never let me stay out too late and he always told me to STOP kissing him.

15. Scott takes Dylan to work with him, to golf with him and on dates every Saturday. (This was from the mouth of Dylan)

16. Scott writes me love notes and letters all the time and I cherish them.

17. Scott is amazing at all things domestic. I won’t be too specific because then all you ladies out there would be jealous. He does the vacuuming, dishes, bed making, toilet cleaning, kid sitting…well lets just say he does everything. And this isn’t just once in a while. Every day he gets home from work and completes all my jobs that I didn’t get to. He doesn’t think that there are certain jobs for women and certain ones for men. He just does whatever needs to be done! (I’ll post more about this later.)

18. Scott takes very good care of himself. He always puts time into grooming and looking great. What a Sexy Guy!

19. Scott knows his scriptures by memory and by heart. He quotes a scripture in every conversation we have. He is a master of them and I love how he teaches me so much. I also love that I can ask him where to find a certain verse and he can tell me on the spot.

20. Scott is a terrible gift giver, he gets too impatient. He gets so excited about gifts that he gives them right when he gets them. He can’t wait until the holiday. I have this same problem.

21. Scott is an extremely hard worker. He always has to be doing something productive. He can do the work of 5 Full-Time men and I am so grateful for him. It doesn’t matter what he has to do, he will always give it 110%.

22. Scotts Legs are smoother than mine.

23. Scott AKA Captain Running man the Anytime Fitness Mascot.

24. Scott wants to have 100 kids.

25. Scott brings me home surprises all the time. Last week he brought be home 20 pairs of running socks. Other surprises: A New Car, Ipod, Computer monitor…never ending.

26. Scott is extremely discipline about money. He has taught me to be frugal, to save all our money and to avoid debt. He never buys anything for himself and I am so grateful for a husband that is careful with money.

27. Scott likes to get the kids dressed and I always laugh at the outfits he comes up with…totally styling and creative.

28. Scott is destined for success, not because of luck, but because of his ambition and drive.

29. Scott is a great dad. His kids are his best friends. He takes special care of them and they know that they are loved.

So to Scott…Happy Birthday my love. I am so glad that you are mine. I wish you happiness and a day full of fun.

Love your Bunners…



Brandon & Amber said...

Yea for 29! I'll be catching up in November. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Brandon & Amber said...

P.S. I just told Samantha, "Did you know that it's Uncle Scotty's birthday today?" to which she replied, "And we weren't invited? He didn't want to play with me?"

Ammon and Brooke said...

Dang Scott! Making us other guys look bad. I am going to have to step it up big time now.


Shea said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband--sounds like an amazing guy! I think I'll copy you and do a list for my husband on his birthday in a couple weeks! :) Love ya!

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Scotty! We love you very much~

Mom and Dad #2 (Lance and Terry)

Ammon and Brooke said...

Erin- you are such a nice wife! Way to recognize all the good things about your husband. He seems like a superstar!

Yeehaw said...

So you forgot to mention Scott also plays the BEST Santa Clause for the locals. Have we ever given you the footage of the Christmas after his mission at my folks? Funny!
You guys rock!

Lucrecia said...

Erin, I loved your post! It was fun to learn more about your husband. What a neat guy! You do know that not every girl has been so lucky don't you? You seem perfect for each other. Happy birthday Scott!

Di said...

Yay! :) Happy Birthday to your Scott! I loved this post - Erin, you are such a wonderful person and it sounds like he is PERFECT for you! XOXO

Ang said...

I was wondering if you were going to mention that his legs are smoother than yours because he shaves them. :) :) :) Too funny.
He really is so great isn't he!

Love you Scott. Happy birthday!

Ang said...

I forgot to mention that I'm super impressed with Scott's gymnastics skills!!!

Shea said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband! I think I'm going to copy you and do a post like that when it is Dave's birthday (next Thurs) :)
Love ya!

JULENE912 said...