March 5, 2008

Let's Celebrate! Today Is My Birthday!

Everybody jump up and down, today I turn 32!

Here are 32 things about me...
1. I love My Eternal Companion and I am three years older than him.
2. I am the oldest (and wisest) of three. 2 younger brothers.
3. I can do a great impersonation of a car alarm.
4. I love odd numbers and I even associate letters with odds or evens.
5. I can sing head, shoulders, knees and toes in Japanese.
6. I always wanted a pair of ruby slippers because I truly believed that I could click my heels three times and be home.

7. When I was in 4th grade I dreamed of playing professional football.
8. I don't like seafood. But I will eat tuna fish if it has craisins in it.
9. I have a bad habit of humming. I hum to myself without even knowing it. I got in trouble for this in 6th grade.
10. I know every Thomas the Tank Engine Train, every Thomas song, and every Thomas show by memory. "Bust my Buffers"

11. When I was bungee jumping my swimsuit fell off.
12. I dove into a swimming pool of green jello in my ski outfit and snow boots to win Concert tickets.
13. I flew to Boston in fifth grade to visit my friend Marisa. I remember this trip down to every last detail, including getting hit by a drunk driver in Rhode Island.
14. I was dumped by Brian Nicols in Elementary School because he said, "I have a reputation to uphold". I had no idea what that meant.

15. I am the camp director this year for the 3rd time, and I love going to camp with the Young Women.
16. I tell people that I think that Star Wars is stupid, but the truth is I have never watched any of the movies.
17. My dad took me to see ET when I was 5 and I was terrified.
18. My friends and I trashed Dave Norton's House the night before High School Graduation. I personally hit his door with two eggs. I was so overcome with guilt that I went and helped his family clean up the mess the next morning.

Make Time For A Piece Of Cake, It is After All my Birthday.

19. When I was being blessed my parents bishop announced that they would be blessing their baby daughter ERWIN MICHAEL (My name is Erin Michelle). I still get called that from Family and Friends.
20. I attended UVSC, Weber State University, Ricks Collage & BYU but still don't have my degree. I did however finish Hair School, although I don't do hair.
Quote today from Dylan, "Mom, you are not going to be 32. You are going to be 5 like me. Or 29 mom, whichever you choose". Is 29 really an option?

21. I am not a music person. I know, weird, but I don't listen to the radio or Cd's ever.
22. It has been over a year since I watched daytime TV. (This was an addiction that I had to break, yep...soaps and everything.)
23. I love to sew.
24. My bus crashed into a telephone poll when I was in 1st grade. Kids were life flighted and everything.
25. Kids use to pay me money in Elementary school to pull out their teeth.

26. When I was at Ricks I heard a knock on my door and went to open the door and a garbage can full of water flooded me. It was like living in a Star Burst Commercial.
27. I sold pest control one summer in California. I was 18 years old.
28. Nobody really thinks that I am funny, but I get a kick out of myself.
29. I crawl in bed with my kids almost every night. I just want to be near them.
30. I am easily entertained when it comes to movies, I love them all. Well except for Howard the Duck & The Langoliers.
31. I love to get letters in the mail.
32. I am trying to learn to be a better friend.

And so I shall celebrate my birth today. My life has meaning because of these little ones...

And this man...(picture taken in our hotel before our 2007 New Years Eve 5K in SLC)

I am grateful to be a mother...

I am grateful to have my best buddy...

And my Princess...

And for Men in Tights...

And here is a little snippet of some of my most embarrassing moments...


Julia Wade said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!! YAY FOR YOU! I am a March baby too ... 3/8! See you in a month or so.

Brandon & Amber said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You know you're my favorite and I love every thing about you....even your sense of humor! Hope you have a great day!

Amy, Spencer, and Kids said...

Happy 32nd Birthday Erin. I hope your day is wonderfully special, like you.
Love ya-
PS. Now I have to see RM since you are in it.

Team Hanni said...

Happy Birthday Erin!!!

28. Nobody really thinks that I am funny, but I get a kick out of myself.

You are soooo funny! I love your posts, you crack me up....

The Gibson's said...

I sure do miss you!!! It sounds like you are doing great. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Also I am new to the blog thing and you seem like you are very good at it. if you have any hints that would be great. Tell you family hello.

Jaime said...

Erin, have a great birthday or should I say, "Cinders and Ashes! You're 32!" Have a great one!

A Little Sass said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have a wonderful day! This was so fun to read .. I think you are funny!

Anonymous said...

I have seen all of the Star Wars and trust me, they are stupid! I am so jealous you are camp director! That is the best calling ever :-) Happy Birthday! Hope you do something fun

Alysia Cook said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERWIN!!! I hope you have a super day!! Don't ever tell Bradley that you don't like Star Wars or he'll beat you up - JK.

Ang said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! If you were Kimm you would just say your age is Twenty Twelve. :) I love you! You are so fun and funny. I still remember the first time I ever met you, you came over to my apt. with Scottie Too Hottie and gave everyone candy necklaces so they could "neck" legally. Too funny. I hope you get super spoiled today!

Anonymous said...

Erin, Happy Birthday from the Williams Family...We love you tons and hope that you have a great day. By the way your entry today made me smile. You are just a little bit crazy and that is a good thing!!!! Come see us sometime, we miss you. I have about 20 people magazines for ya to read.

Shea said...

ha ha i found you! yay for me. what a wonderful surprise, and good timing too so i could wish you a Happy Birthday! how fun it was to read about you and your family on your blog--i love this blogging thing! you are as beautiful as ever, and have adorable kids. hope all is well!

Shea (Davis) Christensen

Laurel said...

I am SO glad we saw each other last weekend. You are incredible.
(and I'm camp director too so let's get together!)

Tiffany said...

I loved that post!!!! It makes me miss you so much! I loved that R.M clip! You are HILARIOUS!!!! I wish my baby could have come today to share your birthday with you. Wasn't so lucky! Hopefully soon! Love ya Erin! Happy Birthday!

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Happy Birthday Erwin...I mean Erin!! I just think you are so dang funny. I love reading your posts. Plus I had no idea you were in the RM. So funny. You are just too cute.

Jake and Megan said...

Happy Birthday Erin! I am March baby too! It was great seeing you the other night.

The Bruderers said...

Happy Birthday!

Ammon and Brooke said...

I love the wedding picture. Happy late birthday