March 20, 2008

We have arrived...

Well, It is official. We have arrived at the terrible two's. Who would have ever thought that my sweet little Kate Bug would ever develop such a mind of her own. Don't get me wrong...she can still be sweet as pie, but only if she gets HER way.

Kate has to have a skirt on at all times.
Kate has to have shoes on at all times.
Kate has to do EVERYthing on her own...even if it makes me 15 minutes late every time.
Kate has to be right.
Kate has to have PINK sprinkles on her fruit or she won't eat it.
Kate has to have her pink blanket and her white blanket or don't even think about bed time.

I could go on and on. It seems everyday she becomes more particular and difficult, but I just love her so much.

How could you say no to that face?


Tiffany said...

But she is so dang cute Erin! I think she looks just like you! What a doll!

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Julia Wade said...

she is so cute, erin! GOOD LUCK tomorrow on your run. you are a rockstar ... oh, and good luck with those terrible twos!

Kimm said...

You forgot that her favorite word is NO and her facial expressions are pricelss..they make me laugh everytime!

Laurel said...

something tells me I don't look quite that cute when I say "no" or when I need MY way.
Too cute.
You have your hands full!!

Ammon and Brooke said...

What a great picture. She is so cute!

Katie said...

hum sounds like someone else I know...but we wouldn't want you any other way!!!

Jewels said...

Oh man, I know exactly what you mean! We kept hearing so much about the 'terrible two's' and Cody and I both thought, "Nah, not Cache - he's such a good baby". Two days after his second Birthday it was like he did a 180 - what the! But hey, they are still adorable and fabulous, aren't they? And you're right - they can be so difficult at times, but then they do something SO cute that just makes you melt!