April 22, 2008

Prank of the YEAR!

Okay, so those of you who don't know Kimm, she is Scott's cousin and she lives with me. She has been known to like a good prank, but she is pretty hard to pull them on.

This is Kimm

Anyway, I have been dying to play this certain prank on Kimm, and today just turned out to be great timing.

I wanted to do in on April Fool's but never got around to it.

Toilet Prank: Okay so all you need is a toilet and these...

Make sure next year to buy extra pops because you can pull this prank any time and it is the best.

Okay, so find where the toilet seat meets the toilet and pile little pops underneath so that when someone sits down they explode!

So all day long I have been waiting for Kimm to get home from work and use her bathroom. Seriously I just kept checking on the toilet making sure that it was set up perfectly and dying of anticipation.

Finally, as Kimm was getting ready to go to the gym tonight, she put her water bottle on the table and turned around to go and use her bathroom.

I was already laughing when I heard the toilet seat flipped up and then I waited...


I have never laughed so hard and I am still laughing. It sounded like the toilet exploded and then I hear Kimm start laughing so hard. She is such a good sport and thought that it was stinking hilarious, which it was.

Anyway, she totally thought that she cracked the toilet and that water was going to start squirting all over her.

My sides ache from laughing so hard...Please go try it on someone! Get back to me and tell me about it!

(1/2 Marathon report coming soon!)


Ang said...

I am falling off my chair laughing so hard right now!! Thanks, I needed that. I only wish I was there!!

Ellery said...

That is awesome!! I never get Greg..as soon as I find some pops he's gonna get it!! I laugh my butt off everytime I read your blog!

Team Hanni said...

This made my day! Thank you for making me laugh. Can you even imagine how scary that would be? What an awesome prank. Someday when I have pops I am totally doing this.

P.S. Can't wait for your 1/2 report - you did awesome! I am so proud of you!

Smithers said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love pranks! Especially toilet ones! One time at girls camp we hid a fake owl in one of the stalls. Hilarious.

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Awesome! I will totally have to try it on Chris.

Kimm said...

It was hilarious!! Especially the part of me standing there half naked inspecting the toilet to make sure I didn't break it. There will be pay back..I just might make her wait awhile. By the way Wal-mart totally has pop its year round. I see them there all the time. I think everyone should do it and then post about it. It is a pretty loud sound...wear ear plugs..i might be deaf now..more than I was before. Thanks for making my day!!

John Robert said...


Julia said...

So funny. I'm going to have to use that one!