May 16, 2008

Toilet Paper in Surplus

Okay apparently I was not suffereing from a Toilet Paper shortage...I was only suffering from a BLIND 4 YEAR OLD.

What I failed to mention was that the closet with the toilet paper was only a few feet away from my bathroom throne my tush was perched upon, and rather than risk dripping (yes, I used the word sick) urine on my bathroom floor, I trusted the judgement of a 4 Year old to tell me that we were out of TP. Upon later inspection, and after a trustworthy comment on my first post from Kimm, I checked the closet for myself and found in plain sight...Toilet Paper in Surplus.

Cold bunners for NOTHING.

Stupid, Blind Dylan

But in his defense, he has puked 16 times in the last 3 days and neither one of us has had any sleep. So maybe I should add...

Stupid, Blind & Tired Mom & Dylan


Anonymous said...

So this exact thing has happened to me...why do we trust them?!?! And I for one love that you used the word dripping- how else would you accurately describe your plight?

Sorry about the throw up and wonder your judgment was impaired. Hope you get to catch up this weekend!

Terry said...

don't use the "s" word, dummy (wink/grin)

Sarah O said...

Ooh, better eliminate that s adjective, and Hurry! Sounds awful, and we know you don't mean it in that awful way.

JP said...

oh, what a story... Poor baby and the pukes, though! No fun!

Anonymous said...

I love that everyone is so concerned with the stupid word more than horribly sick kid and mom. Relax everyone

Christina said...

oh girl too funny--when you said dripping..i went STRAIGHT to diarhea..oops--not a good visual!!

the baby wipes makes me shudder at the thought of using them at 4am--yikes!!

i hope things get better around there!!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, what a riot!

16 times is a little extreme to be puking! Hope you're all on the mend and getting some zzzzzs!