June 7, 2008

Dylan Preschool 2007-2008

Dylan had a great year. He loved his Preschool Teacher Miss Penny, and so did I. She Did the funnest things with the kids and sent them home with beautiful pictures of themselves all year. She gave me a disk with all his pictures on it yesterday. So here are the pictures from Dylan's first year of preshool. Enjoy.

I haven't been blogging lately. It has sort of felt like a big pile of laundry that I should get to, but just haven't had the time. So I'll be playing catchup for the next little while.
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Jaime said...

Welcome back! You've been missed. Darling pictures; what a little stud!

Tiffany said...

I've missed you! I kept wondering why you haven't updated. I hope everything is going well!

Ellery said...

what a cute thing for a preschool teacher to do! i remember sending indi for the first time and hating that i couldn't watch her and see what she was doing!

Hansen said...

Man, my little boyfriend dylan is a stud, he sure is handsome.