August 8, 2008

My best memory of Carly...

Okay Carly, I my best memory of you is a picture and a noteworthy one too!

This was the best Costume I think I have ever seen.

Here is my cute little cousin Carly back in the a patient in hospital dress with her bum hanging out the back! I so love it. I had to scan the picture so sorry for the poor quality.

Carly, I hope your wedding was wonderful! Congratulations!

Love ya!


Ellery said...

that is so cute and funny..i remember that!! that is amazing you found that photo!

Anonymous said...

Erin i love that picture!!! how funny that you still have that. By the way i thought that was the best costume ever!!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing....I love that all the other little girls have princess outfits on and i have a bum hangin out!