October 2, 2008

Does anyone know if the facts here are correct?

Okay, this is definitely an anti-Obama video, but what I'm interested in knowing is if the facts reguarding the housing crisis and his involvement are correct. If you have 10 minutes to watch it...leave me a comment and let me know if the facts are true. I'm thinking they are...

Link for You Tube Video


Anonymous said...

I always look on factcheck.org because they are a non-partisan website that sorts out a lot of ?'s

Anonymous said...

I saw this yesterday and after researching a lot, I think both sides are to "blame". Yesterday I was reading this:


and Obama wasn't even elected into the senate until 2004.

I kinda got sick of checking things out because with some of the links in the video, it takes more know-how than I have to really find and understand and form the opinion they want you to off of just the search. This was the best one I found: