October 14, 2008

Pink Christmas 2008

Are you PINK this year? If you aren't, make sure you sign up for next year!!!

(Photo taken by Laura Marne)

I received my fun Pink Christmas envelope and loved going through all the neat stuff. I think my favorite was the book mark that I got from the Tip Junkie. I also received the name of who I am giving to this year for the Christmas Exchange. I'm so excited to find out more about her and to come up with a cute gift for her.

It also makes me feel good to help out a great cause!
Check out my side link for more info...

1 comment:

di said...

OOoooo- CONGRATULATIONS on being preggars my love! :) i FINALLY had a chance to catch up on your blog - and feel so sad that i didn't find out sooner! Yay!

And - i watched that video of your hubs playing the violin - WOW! he is seriously a talented musician! I had noooo idea...where did you find this gem? :)

Now that I've had a good dose of Erin today, I know I'll have a good day! xoxo