October 6, 2008

Take a Vote...

I am so desperately trying to talk Scott in to being Buddy The Elf for Halloween. Does anyone else think that this is as funny as I do?

We watched the movie last night as a family and I I kept picturing Scott in this costume and laughing my brains out. I mean he already has the hair, right? Yellow tights? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Cast your vote!


Yeehaw said...

And I WILL drive around town looking for him so I can get a picture of it!

Brandon and Amber said...

Does that mean that you will put on the sassy little girlfriend elf costume with your prego belly????

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Yes! this will be awesome!

Joanna said...

Hey, Gregersen family member here, Scott would be perfect as the elf!!! He makes a Killer Santa as well, I have pictures of that if you don't. I think the most humorous part of the whole elf costume is that his personality really clicks!

Dustin said...

My vote is an emphatic NO.
Scott is a man. With testosterone running in his veins.
If he cherishes his manhood (as I believe he does) he will know that strapping on yellow tights and prancing around as Buddy the Elf is the antithesis of masculinity.
Ok, to be honest, I think this is a really good idea. And because he's so saturated in manliness, perhaps Scott is the only one who could pull it off.