October 21, 2008

Wasatch Christmas GIVE-AWAY!!!

Christmas CD GIVE-AWAY!!!!

Enter before Halloween!!!

Well I am getting so excited for Christmas. I have to admit that I started listening to Christmas music 2 months ago on our Yellowstone trip. I love the feelings I get around the holidays, and the way that Christmas music fills up my soul.

This is one of my favorite Christmas Albums. It reminds me of the huge Christmas parties that I went to back when Peter Breinholt, Ryan Shupe, and all my other favorite people would put on a live Christmas concert for all of their friends.

I also went to the Wasatch Christmas concert a few years ago at Thanksgiving Point. I would love to give away this CD, so leave a comment telling me what your favorite Christmas Album is! Enter before Halloween!!!

*I also thought that it might be fun to put together a Christmas Mix CD Exchange where we actually could all make a Mix for someone and receive one in return. Let me know if anyone is interested!

Enter before Halloween!!! (Scott you are not eligible. ;)


used mini excavator said...

sure, why not!

excavator rentals said...

very clever.

Jaime said...

I would love to do the Christmas mix CD thing! What a cool idea!

Ang said...

My favorite Christmas Album is NSYNC. :) I'm not kidding.

Amy said...

Erin...sorry I've taken a few days to get back to you about the name sign how-to's. Write your e-mail address in a comment on my blog & I'll send you details (my e-mail doesn't accept unknown addresses).

And I so want to be in this give-away contest. This may sound lame, but I still love The Carpenter's Christmas..it's all about the nostalgia for me.

Jen Christensen said...

Everyone is saying that there pick is lame and I'm in that group as well. I like the She-Daisy Christmas CD.

Dustin said...

Amy Grant.
This is not a suggestion as to what the best christmas cd might be.
I am telling you, objectively and factually, that the Amy Grant christmas cd with Tender Tennessee Christmas is the greatest gift of Christmas since that night in Bethlehem.

Brian and Emily said...

Carpenters, Amy Grant, SheDaisy, Celine Dion, Roger Whitaker.....never heart of the Wasatch though I'll have to get with it!
Oh....and I'm not having twins. Just one sweet little baby for me to love. I am just due 2 weeks sooner than I thought. Yipee! My new due date is April 1st so hopefully I'll have this baby in March since I've never reached a due date.....YET!

Anne said...

Mariah Carey baby! (is that how she spells her last name?) Although I do have to say that the Robert love for Tender Tennessee Christmas is starting to top my teenage pop art love- All I Want for CHristmas is You.