October 20, 2008

Not just a boulder holder anymore...

What a loot! Friday night Scott, Kimm and I dropped the kids off at The Center (Community Center run by my friend Ashley that is here in Blackfoot. On the 3rd Friday night of every month you can drop your kids off from 6-10PM. She only charges 5 dollars per child and this includes dinner, crafts, gym time etc. What a deal!) We headed to see the movie Eagle Eye. (I liked it but beware of language). When I got home that night and removed my Bra, this is what I found.

All of this fell out of my bra. Now I know that most of you know I keep my cell phone in my bra, but being pregnant my chest has grown ENORMOUS and there is so much room to hide stuff in there. I had room for my cell phone, my credit card, my chap stick, my lip gloss, 4 dollar bills, 2 quarters, 4 pennies, Kate's clip, and a dum dum sucker. This is an embarrassing habit and even I was baffled that I could have stuffed that much stuff in my bra without remembering it was there.

*I have waited over a week to post about this because I was so mad. Dylan and Kate disappeared a week ago while I thought they were taking naps. I went upstairs after blog reading to find empty beds. At first I didn't panic, I was just irritated and I went outside to look for them. Well after 30 minutes of calling all my neighbors, knocking on doors, driving around in my car etc. my friend Mavanie saw Dylan peek his head out of the front door of one of the spec houses on our street. Keep in mind that this house has been on the market for a year, so it is finished and even partially furnished. Two neighbor ladies walked into the house to assess the damage with me. One of them checked the hall bathroom first and the plumbing has been off so the bottom of the toilet bowl is disgusting. She came out and informed me that there was poop in the dirty toilet. She commented that she wondered how long it had been left there. Then Kate pipes in and says, "I pooped in the potty by myself!" Crap! I had to scoop it out with toilet paper...so gross. Anyway, they had played in the unfinished basement doing who knows what. I think they had probably been there for about 20 minutes. This is a picture of the villains. They were not happy to be caught.

Here is my MIL Shawna. She visited last weekend for BYU Idaho Mother's week. She is such a faithful Scripture reader. Here she is sneaking in her 6 chapters for the day.

She also is the worlds fasted Pie maker and schooled me on making Blackberry pie. Here is my first attempt. Pretty yummy.

After Pie Making she took the kids to Walmart so I could have some quiet time. You've gotta love that! Thanks Shawna!!

Saturday I colored Kimm's hair and this is Kate playing along with us. Think of the money I will save when she can color and foil my hair! I can't believe she is almost 3.

And here are things from my point of view. 6 months pregnant. Can't wait for this little guy to get here and I can see my toes again.

Are you grossed out by my bra habbit?
Do you have anything that you stuff in there?
Are you a faithful scripture reader?
Do you make pie's?
Have your children gotten into trouble while you were blogging?


Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

NOt really grossed out by the bra habbit. I've never really had extra room to stuff it with stuff, but I wish I did. Then I wouldn't have to carry a purse.
Need to work on my scripture reading. Used to be faithful...man hope I'm not the only one.
Don't bake very good. Can you teach me?
No trouble yet....wait, something is going on. Gotta go:)

Brandon and Amber said...

Did you put up curtains in your kitchen??? I wish I could stuff anything extra in my bra at this point....I think I need a bigger one as it is!

Kelly said...

I don't even have a chest to stuff into my bra :) That is the #1 reason I loved being pregnant but after, I could stuff my whole closet in there!

Kelly said...

Oops ... I was also saying, my girls cut each others hair when I was blogging so I'm right there with you!

Olsen Family said...

I hadn't thought about the bra idea. It's genious! I hate carrying anything extra with me because I'm so forgetful that I'll leave it somewhere. Oh and I've found that when I am blogging that is when my kids decided they can easily invade the candy bowl without me noticing. Last time, Kloey came in with chocolate all over her hands so I guess it could have been worse if she didn't show it to me huh?

Lucrecia said...

My goodness! You put all of that in your bra? How do you forget it's all in there? Doesn't it make you kind of...well..lumpy? I actually put everything in all of the nooks and crannies of my baby's car seat. There hardly any room for him with all my stuff squeezed in:)

coco said...

erin-that is so funny....your bra story reminds me of donna reid. from our ward growing up, remember her? she was the avon lady and she would show up at our house and pull the whole avon collection out of her bra! you're a nice mom that you didn't ground your kids for 2 months--i guess they're a little young for that. that story is hillarious and frustrating! thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

I totally stash stuff in my bra too- that is quite the haul!

I can't believe the kids were playing in that house- how did they even get in? I would have freaked out big time.

I can't believe you are 6 months- very cute belly shot.

JP said...

You are the cutest. I love your stories!! :)

I don't have the, uh, best spacing in my bra to carry anything. When you don't got nothin'...you can't carry nothin' extra. :)

Mc Allen said...

ok first I have to say I'm sorry. I know you might not find this amusing, but the story about the potty made me snicker for a very short second. I realize how teribbly scary that must have been, but she is a good girl for going and not in her pants?!... That being said, they are so precious, I dont know how you could look in those eyes and ever punish them...I have four girls from 7 to 15 and I could write a book about shananigans like that!! ;) Your family is just precious and your blog is really sweet!! Leah

Terry said...

My dear Mother, Your Grandma Reedie was a master at storing things in her bra. You must have inherited her skill! You crack me up~ Love you, Mom xxx