November 2, 2008

I'm thankful for my husband Scotty!

Is there anyone that doesn't love Thanksgiving Time? Is it not fabulous taking time out to think about all we have, all we should be thankful for, and all that we are not worthy of.

I was thinking tonight as my little family walked around the block that I truly have so much to be thankful for. But tonight, I want to specifically thank my husband Scott.

(I asked him to model the cowboy hat which he was totally against but did anyway.)

This weekends reasons of WHY I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU SCOTT!!

-All week long you pulled more than your share of the load. You are so good to your tired pregnant wife and you take good care of me.

-You came home every night from a long day of work and did laundry, entertained kids, dusted the house, organized the toys, and brought me yummy beverages.

-You didn't make fun of me at church today when I couldn't bend over in my chair to pick up the pen I dropped. Thanks for understanding that as Kate says, "Mommy's bubble is getting way big."

-You care so much about your calling in church and you prepare so carefully to teach with the spirit. I love that about you!

-You remembered that you were suppose to play the violin this morning with the YW. (I should have been the one reminding you!)

-Last night, you came home and put the movie we rented in right away...even though I know that you really wanted to watch the good game that was on. That was awesome!

-Before we went to bed last night you told me that you had an awesome surprise for me...and then you told me that I got to sleep in an extra hour. That WAS an awesome surprise.

-Last night after our date and fun walk around the Lake I asked if you wanted to go to the fabric store with me. You said sure...even though you knew that I would take forever because I am so indecisive.

-Today after my 2 hour Sunday nap I was complaining about not knowing what to do. I was uncomfortable and didn't feel good. You suggested that I take a hot bath. When I got out of the bath you had cleaned and mopped the kitchen, picked up all the toys, and cleaned out my office (no one understands what a big job my office is).

-You always share scriptures and spiritual experiences with me and I learn so much from your insights and testimony.

-You always hand me your extra cash and tell me that it is my tip. What wife doesn't love getting tips, small or large?

-I am almost done typing this and I just heard the vacuum turn on upstairs. You are AWESOME!


I wanted to share with my blogging friends a Christmas present that Scott gave me a few years ago. I haven't read it for a while. This will show you what kind of a husband I have. I love you Scott and feel so blessed to be with you on this journey.


(Written by Scott a few years ago...)

Life With Erin

Life, a phrase that is often used in everyday language to precede something positive or negative. My life stinks, life is wonderful, and life is so hard. I choose to use it in somewhat of a different context however, this if you will is my thesis statement. Life with Erin.

At first thought, the natural man wants to persuade me to write something funny, something the world would want us to perceive as conventional wisdom, such as Husband and wife don’t get along, they sometimes endure but really don’t get along. As I’ve gotten a little older I have realized that trifling with sacred things brings nothing but a temporary giggle, or perhaps an awkward silence. My life with Erin is worth more than a billion giggles combined, and is one of the most sacred things I hold, therefore I will not trifle.

I really don’t know where to start, in our two in a half years together we have lived in three apartments and two cities, tried to start two businesses, and have been presented with several others. I have never been a person who knew exactly what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do in terms of temporary things. But as I lay in bed with my fast growing family I realize I know exactly what I want to be and what I want to do. I want to be Erin’s Husband forever, I want to have a family, and I want to raise my family in line with the teachings of my Heavenly Father. Perhaps these things won’t bring the most esteem among men in this life, but I know there the things that will bring the most esteem in the next life. So while men struggle to reach the specifications of the perfect job, the perfect life, the perfect wife, I will place my efforts on perfecting my beautiful family. I will strive to be the best at whatever I do; I have always done this, but ultimately knowing that this effort is for a much greater cause. My life with Erin has given me a vision that is becoming clearer each day. Coming home to my little family is something so priceless I cannot even attempt to elaborate with silly verbiage. This priceless possession was made possible because of life with Erin.

A man once said I received the wife I needed not the wife I wanted, however innocently that statement was made, it has stuck with me and made me even more grateful for my own wife. For I not only received the wife I needed, but the wife I wanted. I wanted her for so many reasons, from her beauty to her charismatic personality. I needed her for things far deeper. I needed her because of what really defined her, her vision of life. These things combined made me realize I wanted a life with Erin.

Because of the shared vision that both of us have, we now enjoy the incomparable blessings of two beautiful children. We both cannot imagine life without these two people in our lives. I cannot imagine them being any different or looking any different, each of them so uniquely there own. Both of them beam their mothers looks, although I sometimes say I wish they had my chiseled Roman godlike features(just kidding), I would choose them to look like no one else except their mother. I am beyond grateful for my little handsome boy, and sweet cute Kate, these precious jewels are in my life because of my life with Erin.

I love the comments you are too young to have two kids, or you look to young to have any kids. Worldly wisdom would agree. I look at friends back home, who think they are free because they have no such responsibility. Erin and I would contradict that notion, and believe that we are free because of these additions. The truth shall make you free; children are a great truth in the plan of salvation. The scriptures teach that where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty; these two children bring a profound influence of the spirit in the home. Therefore we would contend that we are free because we are not captive to self involved attitudes that run wild in our world today. We are free because of the assurance that we both share that our family is exactly what the Lord wants us to be establishing. I am so grateful for a wife that gets this, for a wife that not only gets it, but chooses to act upon that knowledge that she has. What a wonderful treat to be able to share a life with Erin, Dylan, and Kate.

In life we often spend a lot of time on things that are good, things at least that we think are good, but have no bearing in the great scheme of things. My little wife is something that truly matters in this great scheme, what else could be more beneficial in spending time on. There’s a word that we as husbands are commanded to do to our wives, that is to cherish them. But I do not think we know what this means. Not only are we to love our wives, we are to treat them with affection and tenderness. We are to hold them dear to our hearts and keep them fondly in mind. They are to be a constant in our thought process. How knoweth a man the master whom is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart, how am I to know my wife if she is not occupying my thoughts. I pray I can do much better at this. I love the life I share with Erin to much to spend time on things which are fleeting, and have the appearance of but a vapor, which appeareth for a time, but then vanisheth away. I love my life with Erin.

I have only written a brief portion of my thoughts on my life with Erin, for truly I am not qualified to attempt any more on this sacred matter. I will just say, in the words of the ancient prophet Nephi, I live after a manner of happiness because of this heavenly woman who has blessed my life just by being in it. Thank you little lady, Life with you is something so great, the very word does not do justice, and for this I am grateful.

I love you.


Ammon and Brooke said...

You guys are amazing. I love how much you love each other and how good you are at telling each other. I havne't ever met either of you but I am thankful for your example to me. Your comments made me smile and cry. Good way to end a Sunday!

Tiffany said...

k... he is so sweet to you. You are a great person Erin. He is a lucky guy and it sounds like you are blessed too. Your kids halloween pictures are adorable!!!! They look just like you, especially Kate. She looks like a ham!

Kris said...

You are so blessed! You are have an incredible family and it is so awesome to see that you are doing so well! Love ya!

Mc Allen said...

Wow, That is exactly what our heavenly father was talking about... Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse. (I teared up when you wrote the part about the vaccume, it really got me)...Leah

thebakerbook said...

scott is H-O-T

Nicole said...

This makes me want to have a life with Erin, but a boy of course, that's the sweetest thing I've read....

Hansen said...

What an awesome post Er! I can't believe it's been a couple weeks since our late phone call! That was so much fun! The rest of that night was insane! Happy Birthday to Kate too! Hope you have been feeling okay, not too much longer! Call me this week! I love you so much!