November 19, 2009

Kate Turned 4!!!

Well, being the terrible blogger than I am, I failed to let you all know that my baby girl turned 4. We had a super fun party for her and invited all of her friends over. Fairies and Princesses came from far and wide to celebrate!
Look how cute all of these little kids are. We had a great bunch. Dylan and Calen did not want to dress up...hmmm...wonder why?

Kate was spoiled by all of her friends, by Scott and I, and by her grandparents. Lucky!

Do you know how hard it is to fill in time during a birthday party? It was just like my primary class. I was scrambling for things to do! Scott came to the rescue and played hide-and-seek with the kids. They had so much fun. Nobody could find Calen and Kate Bug. Scott hid them way up in Kate's closet.

What the?

I made yummy cupcakes and ate yummy cupcakes. I like 90% frosting and 10% cake.

I tried making a cute little flower clip for Kate's Hair. It worked for the day but I can't keep the flower on the clip. Anyone know how it is done?

We hit the family diner in town for lunch because by the time the party was over Scott was starving. Scott ate my lunch, my mom's lunch and his own lunch. How cute is Sawyer in the photo?

Is my mom so beautiful or what?

Sawyer weighs 30 lbs at 9 months. Do you know how heavy that is? It is like carrying around three bowling balls. Good thing dad has good endurance. Our biceps were so sore after the movie.

Scott and I loved A Christmas Carol, the new Disney movie but it isn't really for kids under 10. Thanks for the fun day Nana & Papa. Turning 4 is Awesome!


thebakerbook said...

Erin! I cant get over how big they are! They are like real people. so sad i am missing it all.

John Robert said...

Wahoo Kate! Eden misses her cousins!

Christina said...

Kate is adorable! And I think birthday parties are torture for parents, particularly for the preschool set. =)

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I second-guessed what I wrote on Segullah many times afterwards, but then I'd remind myself, all I did was say, "hey, shouldn't we pray about this?"

Your family is beautiful and it's fun to peek at it on your blog. It's awesome you're a runner -- I did my first 5K this year and got hooked. But now that winter's hit and I have to run inside on the treadmill, I really am not liking it.