January 4, 2010

The Gospel According to Dylan

"Hey, mom..."


"Remember, the Easter before last Easter when Jesus was Resurrected? That was so cool."

I am always amazed at what my kids pick up...and how sometimes the information they retain is just a little off.

Last night when Dylan was closing his prayer he decided to get a little creative and replaced the Savior's name with Holy ghost and something really irreverent. This brought on the look of death from Scott and myself.

Heaven Help Me!

On a positive note both Dylan and Kate walked up to the Stand yesterday and bore their testimony's with no encouragement or prompting from Scott or I. This made me happy and for the second month in a row I got teary. They can be so sweet.

And then a few minutes later Dylan had to be taken out and disciplined by Scott.

But Hey, it was nice while it lasted!


coco said...

i love that--your kids are so darn cute. i e-mailed you just after Christmas, i hope i have your correct e-mail address(saying thanks for the necklace--LOVED IT!)

Brian and Emily said...

Priceless! You have such bright and beautiful children Erin, what a blessing!

Brian and Jenny said...

I'm glad you are enjoy the moments! I even like hearing about the not so fun moments! Loved seeing you at Christmas time.

Linda said...

How sweet! It is amazing how fast kids pick up on things and how they don't let anything get in their way. You are definitely being good examples for them. You are amazing Erin!