March 19, 2010

Secret Service...

Do you ever get overly giddy when you do something nice for someone without them knowing...and you just fumble around, waiting in anticipation for them to see your Gift of Service?

Last night I headed over to Anytime Fitness (If you didn't know, Scott and I own two Anytime Fitness Centers, one in Blackfoot, ID and one in Shelley, ID). I told Scott that I was going to work out, but instead I packed up a load full of Garbage bags and got my weeding gloves and put on a coat and hat.

Anytime Fitness Blackfoot is located right next to a freeway exit, a grocery store, and the Super 8. Because of so much traffic, both on foot and in car, a LOT of trash accumulates.

Now that the snow has melted Scott has been complaining about what a mess it is and how junky the freeway exit makes our gym look. If you know Scott at all you know he is a man of action, but he really injured his ankle a few weeks ago playing basketball (ahh!) and hasn't been able to get around very well; thus, he can't really do the job himself right now.

So, last night I bagged about 20 bags of trash and leaves and filled about 3 business sized garbage bins worth of weeds and crap. It took me over two hours and today I can't even stand up straight my back hurts so badly (Who said weeding isn't exercise?).

The low point was when I was spotted by a few friends covered in dirt and garbage in the middle of the night. I was looking pretty mangy.

But inside I am so excited for when Scott notices. How fun is it to get to serve each other?



Traci said...

thanks for the inspiration! hope your husband was surprised too!

coco said...

oh, i love that! that is one serious act of service. i'm so impressed but even more so inspired! thanks for the little push to improve myself! and next year, palm springs--you're coming for sure!

Julia said...

You are seriously so cute. Scottie is such a lucky man to have you.

Hollie said...

i like this story, you're so cool.