June 17, 2010

For Time & All Eternity...

What a great month April was. It isn't everyday that you get to see your little brother wed to a great woman
for Time and All Eternity...

The wedding was beautiful. It was wonderful. It was special. It was fun.
It was a party. A huge celebration.

And it isn't very often that I post pictures of myself. I somehow have it in my mind that if people don't see me, they will think that I'm still skinny and in shape.
Well, NEWS FLASH PEOPLE...I am 35 lbs overweight.
(I can't believe I just said that.)

So enjoy these photos, and know that they come only after sucking up my pride majorly and putting it out there to you all that...I need to lose some weight.
Somehow it just feels better to acknowledge it.

Is getting together with family the best or what? I had so much fun on this trip. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such great Men and Women.

(Sawyer fell down the stairs (yes...totally my fault...slap hand, bad mom) a few days before the wedding and sported a serious carpet burn across his nose for the wedding.
The details of the wedding were so whimsical and pretty and I could have stayed at the reception for days and days and days. I'm sure the Patterson's would not have appreciated me moving in, so I left.
But I still WISH I was dancing with Geoff, Sawyer, Kate Bug, Jaime, Anne, Spears, Jayne and my momma!

Sawyer also got out and danced a solo and had quite the crowd circled around him cheering,
"Go Sawyer, Go Sawyer Go"!
We danced and danced and from the looks of the photo's, it is pretty amazing that my boobs didn't fall out of my dress as I danced. Good Grief!
Anne, I had so much fun living it up with you to the Black-Eyed Peas.
Anners, "I've got a feeling" that you've got moves!
And to my mom...Beautiful Terry, look at you...almost 55 and simply stunning! 

All of these photo's are courtesy of Geoff Lang at Lang Photography.
Thanks Geoff!


Traci said...

weddings are so fun!!!! you look beautiful no matter what!
thanks for sharing the fun wedding photos!

coco said...

forget anne's moves, what about your mom's?! okay, GORGEOUS people. erin, you look stunning as usual. your kids are to die for. we need to hook up when you come in town! we need to meet jenna, she seems totally darling. i tried to get a group of sisters to make the trek to the wedding but it all fell through, wish we could have been there. thanks for posting the pics, it's so fun to see. xoxo

Brian and Emily said...

What an incredible celebration. That wedding reception looks absolutely picture perfect. Erin YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, you really look amazing in every picture! Miss you!

Josh and Gloriana said...

you speak nonsense! You look beautiful! crazy girl...

Jenna and Dusty Robert said...

I think you are such a babe in these pics, but maybe I'm bias because I was the person who picked out your dress. That was the best day everrr. Dustin and I talk about it all the time. Thank you for coming down, we love you!

Julia said...

You're stunning with or without 35 pounds.