November 4, 2010

Jr. Jazz - Oh baby!

Well, I'm not really sure what I expected when I signed Dylan up for Jr. Jazz. These are first graders and I thought that they would all be horrible. Not True. Some of these kids were amazing and I couldn't believe how coordinated and skilled they were at 6 years old.

Poor Dylan on the other hand was lacking some serious basketball skills. In his favor, I will say that he has never played before. NEVER.

But, these other kids were amazing. I'm not sure if Dylan is going to be able to catch up. For having an amazing BASKETBALL DAD, I'm afraid he might have inherited my basketball skills. So sad.

I've been working drills with him at home and I was so excited to have Dylan demonstrate his new skills to Scott and oh boy did I get into trouble. Scott pretty much told me not to EVER coach Dylan in Basketball. This makes me laugh.

Hopefully, he will start to show improvement. What a cute kid. I love him.

(Dylan is the one in the Green shorts.)

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