February 11, 2011

Wow's and Woe's of my life right now

Random thoughts:

  • I am having a baby soon...like in days. What?
  • My belly is huge...like Big...really big.
  • I have a feeling that I might go into labor. I've never gone into labor before. With Dylan I was induced and with the other two I was scheduled. I'm scheduled with this one, but still have a nagging feeling that I might go into labor.
  • My list of to do's is getting shorter. Thanks to an amazing husband who somehow knows how to read my mind...jobs like the fridge getting cleaned out, boxes getting put back into storage, kitchen floors getting scrubbed...etc...etc...my list keeps getting smaller, without me doing much work or having to ask. WOW!
  • Regina and Shawri paying for me to get my toenails Shellac-ed. Have you had yours done? It is amazing! The color stays on perfectly and forever. My last time the color lasted for almost 6 weeks and was flawless. Love it!
  • Last night the grocery attendant tried to help me out with my grocery's. I had to convince him to let me push my own grocery's out to my car because pushing the cart was actually holding me up and stabilizing me. I'm amazed I didn't fall over...and the thought of my water breaking while walking down the isles sort of freaked me out. I hurried so fast I didn't even get milk.
  • I never really thought that I was gender biased, but I would rather have a man perform my surgery than a woman. Don't hate me.
  • I feel guilty all the time about the blessing of being Sawyer's mom. I am still amazed that out of billions of people on the earth, I get to be the one to hear his sweet toned voice say "yav you mom"  or "num, num, num".
  • Sawyer won't be my baby for much longer. I hope things don't change too much though. I don't know if I can live without our morning snuggles.And his fat, soft cheeks next to mine.
  • I don't have a name for this baby. I have one in mind, but Scott and I haven't discussed names once.
  • I tried to shave my bikini line the other night. My belly is so huge that I went in blindly. Um...stupid and scary.
  • I can't reach the floor anymore. Like even if I squat with my legs totally far apart and bend my whole self over...my fingers can't scrape the floor.
  • My ankles just started swelling a little.
  • I'm in the sleeping naked phase. No clothes at night...None.
  • If I go into labor before Monday Morning, the roots on my head are going to be really, really bad. Let's hope I can make my hair appointment.
  • I cry to myself a lot. Everything hurts.
  • I'm not ready for huge boobs. I just finished breast feeding Sawyer 9 months ago.
  • I'm really not excited about getting cut open for the 4th time. C-sections are hard to recover from and anybody that says differently is not normal and completely CRAZY!
  • I've gained 30 lbs. I'm hoping it is baby, blood and fluids and not Panda Express. We'll know shortly.
I really do feel completely blessed and excited to welcome a new little Mr. to our family soon. I am so lucky and so blessed and every pain, sacrifice and stretch mark will be forgotten the second I am holding him...and then I'll probably want another one.

Amazing how easy it is to forget the hard times and relish the good times.



Jaime said...

You crack me up, Erin! I hope everything goes quick, easy , and right after the hair appointment. Best of luck!

Brian and Emily said...

Oh Erin!!! I am thinking of you! I hope everything goes well with your delivery and that postpartum isn't too hard on ya!!! Love ya, all the best!!

The Peterson Family said...

This made me laugh but I am also feeling for you. Thankfully almost all will be resolved soon. We are excited to see beautiful Peterson baby #4 (wow your amazing).


coco said...

you are such a good mom and a good person. we'll be thinking of you and can't wait to hear about the little guy. way to go on only gaining 30lbs. you'll be back to skinny minny in no time!

Laurel said...

you're adorable.
even your woes are adorable.

Jenna said...

Erin! I feeesal like all your woes are mine as well! This is your delivery week!!! So excited for you! I know how you feel about getting cut open again! It seriously is the hardest part. You will make it through the hard times. I am 3 weeks out and feeling tons better. Hang in there. The fisrt couple weeks are hard. good luck!can't wait to see pictures.

Jenna Robert said...

Erin! This post basically sums up the reason I love you, you're so blunt and hilarious. Dustin and I are SO excited to meet your baby boy, I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks for making me an auntie AGAIN (best job ever). Miss you!

Traci said...

great post, way to be so honest!!!
u r right the highs and lows of being pregnant! maybe u should write a book about it!!!
so excited for you and your family with the new little guy coming soon!
take care!

Tasha said...

I Can't wait to hear all about it and if your labor premonition comes true! I think moms know some of that stuff. My sister in law went to work for this totally "She-She" ON in Mesa (she didn't work there that long before her family moved) but the doctor had t 2 or 3 massage therapy rooms, 2 lovely spa pedicure areas and yes, a private waxing station. For whatever you want waxed I guess, but about 85% of her business was below the belt! I'd seriously want a doc lick that if one was available. I am also with you in the fact that I always thought I wanted a female OB, but I found the women so much less empathetic like "YEah. I did this AND worked 80 hours a week, now tell me about your heard burn again...
Can't to see pictures!