July 21, 2011

Kate's Preschool Graduation

In May we attended Kate's Preschool Graduation.
It was a cold, crisp, windy day.

Sawyer always seems to ham it up for the camera.
 Can you tell I'm in love with his curly hair?
I really don't want to cut it.

(Don't they look alike in this picture?)
Luckily we wore jackets.
Red noses.

 Kate Performed her Nursery Rhyme.
Loud and Clear.
"I'm a little Teapot."
She practiced it with really cute hand motions but
she got a little nervous and just recited it.
Everybody Loves Ms. Penny!
Best Preschool in the WORLD!

I love this picture of the Family. 
Minus Wyatt
Minus Me

A bit of love between these two.

Great Day!
So proud of you Kate.
Now, off to Kindergarten you go.

Hmm...maybe I should register you.
One more thing I have forgotten to do.

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