August 2, 2011

Sawyer Splits His Eye Open...

At 10:30 PM Thursday night, Scott and I heard Sawyer Screaming from downstairs. It was the kind of scream that you know means BUSINESS. I had left Sauce on my bed watching a TV show because he wasn't tired due to a late nap.  I went to change a load of laundry and quickly glance at my email. (Stupid Computer). Before we knew it, Sawyer had crept downstairs to crawl into bed with Dylan. In his attempt to hurry into Dylan's room, he tripped on something on  the floor of Dylan's room and smacked his head on the side of Dylan's bed. Scott was the first one downstairs and carried Sawyer upstairs to me. I immediately could tell that he needed stitches. I started panicking because I couldn't imagine how a 2 year old could possibly hold still enough for stitches right next to his eye. It was bad. And the worst part is that he had just had surgery the week before and was already traumatized from it.

I thought through my options and decided to call our dermatologist who is also our neighbor and friend. He answered the call and by 11:20 PM Sawyer was all taken care of. 

I am so grateful for people that use their skills to help others. 

It was pretty horrible having to restrain my baby. Scott held his body super tight and I held his face and head. He was fighting us so bad that he now has broken blood vessels all over his face and neck. The cut was SO close to his eye that it ended up needing 5 stitches.

I'm sorry but his face is so sweet.
He looked like he had been in a boxing fight.

And here is a video of him getting his band-aid on and the finishing touches.
His cry makes my heart hurt.
 And I love how he just collapses into Scott when we tell him it is all over.

We took him straight to Wal-Mart and let him pick out a new train.
 This put a smile on his face immediately!
We also took him to McDonald's for a smoothie.

Your parent's love you Soy Boy!!!
All photo's taken with I-phone so not great quality.

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