September 2, 2011

Friday Give-Away: $15.00 iTunes Gift Card

Today we are having a GIVE-AWAY!!!

In my attempt to gain more than 10 followers
we are having a 


"I'm small I know, but where ever I go, the grass is greener still...
and would be even greener if I had more than 10 followers!"

{ yes I look at that number everyday and yes I know that it is stupid but I still check it...regularly. And maybe if the stupid Crock Pot Girls can get more than a million Facebook followers in 2 weeks, I should at least have 11 followers, Right?}

So if I add up my family and my friends in my adds up to that number better go up today.  Like UP.

So this little Gift Card could be all yours.
All {YOU} have to do is be a FOLLOWER of THIS blog.
And leave me a comment with your all time favorite Song.
That is EASY right?
For an extra entry, repost on Facebook or on your blog and let me know in your comment.
So go click that little button to the right of here and make me happy.


A Winner will be Announced Tuesday! 

And if you are at all interested in knowing HOW I got this gift card I shall tell you. I fell for one of those stupid Bidding websites where I thought that I might be able to WIN a new Canon 7D camera for $20.00 worth of bids...and maybe-O-maybe it is NOT possible REALLY to win a Canon 7D camera with $20.00 worth of bids...but maybe-O-maybe I did win $30.00 worth of Fandango Gift Cards which I already used, and a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card which I am giving away to one of you. How Embarrassing. I totally got scammed, but then at least got my value back...but still no amazing camera. Bummer.)


In other news, I ate 10 tomatoes yesterday which is a lot. Especially for someone who never even tried a tomato until she was on a Mission at the age of 21. So if you have a million tomatoes in your garden right now and you need to know what to do with them, this is what I would do.

I would make Ottavio's Bruschetta. (not an accurate recipe but pretty close!)

  1. Dice up  4 or 5 Roma Tomatoes (those are my favorite)
  2. Drizzle with olive oil
  3. Add salt
  4. Add fresh chopped up Basil
  5. Add some garlic
Mix this deliciousness in a bowl and serve over oven toasted bread. (I just put plain old toast in the oven with spray butter on each side. Then I broiled one side at a time. After I flipped the first side I then placed a very thin layer of Mozzarella on the top and when that was all bubbly I removed it and spread the tomatoes over the top.

Seriously YUM!!!!


Hollie said...

Ok my bestie! True Companion by Marc Cohn. That was the first song that came to mind since it was my wedding song. LOVE YOUR BUNS!

Shayna Jo said...

I check my followers too, so if you are pathetic so am I! ;) I hope you get lots of followers, I might have to steal your idea to boost my self esteem ;) haha

My favorite song is "The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars


Piano Gal Val said...

You are so sweet to give this card away!:-) My favorite song right now is: Pink by Aerosmith. It's fun to run to. Have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

I've read your blog for about a year now. If you're interested in an invite to mine, send me your email. I love Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts, but I have many favorites.

Mel said...

Erin I love your blog! I love "Everything" by Brad Paisley

mgdraney said...

Erin, I love you and your blog!!! You inspire me and I want to be you when I grow up. Right now my favorite song is if I die young from the band perry.

marialuigi said...

Hello Delicious! I was JUST telling my husband about my FAVORITE Erin and the V-8 incident...laughs all around! You are simply charming and I LOVE it when little bloggy pops up on my Google Reader.

PLUS, I LOVE a good giveaway! (I'm totally posting this on my Facebook wall in the hopes that your traffic will pick up even more! Even if it does minimize my chances...EVERYONE should know and love you!) favorite song? "Maria"...obvs! (By ANY artist...because, you know, the lyrics are SO true and absolutely reflect who I am...right?)

dmorganfam said...

I am following you thanks to Maria :) I hope you can get more followers :) You should try doing link parties on similar blogs. I have heard that works well. Good luck!

Jill said...

I'm true blue Erin! I don't know if I can pick a favorite song but The Indigo Girls song Love Will Come to You came to mind first.

coco said...

erin, i don't know how to become a follower. but i do know how to leave a comment! does that count?! duh! no question about it "thunder road" by none other than the boss. hands down, best song ever. go listen to it.

Jaime said...

Favorite song EVER? That's tough. I'd have to say, Total eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler, I guess...

supaH said...

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