September 13, 2011

Week One Report and Weigh-in (Heaven help me)

This might be SUPER boring for some of you. But I have to do it. I have committed to getting back in shape and feeling YOUNG and ALIVE again (with the goal of course of doing a back hand spring again). So I am checking in so that I can be ACCOUNTABLE. (Ya, who knew!)

Seriously dreading writing this post, but I promised myself that I here it goes.

Operation: Erin Gets Her Sexy Back has begun.

Here is my report for the finish of my first week.

Monday Sept. 5 (With Trainer Lisa)
Upper Body & HITT
Incline DB press on bench  3 sets 12
DB chest press on ball 3 sets 12
Straight Arm Pull down 3 sets 12  ( I love this one!)
Back Extension 3 sets 20 (I HATE this one...Ouch.)
Rotator Cuff 4 sets 15
Upright Row w/ Barbell 3 sets 12
Sitting REar Fly with DB 3 sets 12
Hammer Curl with DB 3 sets 12
High Cable Curl 3 sets 12
Skullcrusher with DB 3 sets 12
Tricep Kickback w/ DB 3 sets 12

Tuesday Sept. 6 (With Trainer Lisa)
Lower Body and LSD 20 min.
Walking Lunge 4 sets 10
Leg Press 3 sets 15
Split Squat 3 sets 15 (Hell on Earth)
Plie Squat 3  sets 15
Leg Extension 3 sets 12
Leg Curl 3 sets 12
Hip Abduction Back/Forward 3 sets 10/10
Hip Adduction 3 sets 20

Wednesday Sept. 7
Just had a Cardio Day

Thursday Sept. 7
Upper Body and HITT
Chest Press Machine 3 sets 12
Pec Machine 3 sets 12
Lat Pulldown Machine 3 sets 12
Row Machine 3 sets 12
Rotator Cuff 4 sets 15
DB shoulder Press sitting 3 sets 12
Lateral Raise standing DB 3 sets 10
EZ Bar Curl Standing 3 sets 12
Alternating DB Curl sitting 3 sets 12
Tricep Pressdown W/ Bar 3 sets 12
Skullcrushers w/ DB 3 sets 12

Friday Sept. 8
Day Off!!!

Saturday Sept. 9
Lower Body and LSD 20 min.
Ball Squat 4 sets 15
Lunges 3 sets 10
Leg Press 3 sets 12
Leg Extension Machine 3 sets 12
Leg Curl machine 3 sets 12
Hip Abduction Back Front 3 sets 10/10
Hip Adduction 3 sets 20 to Burnout

Weigh-in Report (do you know how hard this is?)

Starting Weight: 168lbs  (Darn Vacation for 2 weeks killed me)
Current Weight: 166lbs
Weight Loss: -2lbs (Now that is the right directions. Slow and steady wins the race...Right?)
Body Fat: 38.4% (I will only be reporting this  monthly and yes I actually MEANT to write a 38.4% and         yes I get just how much that is...SHEESH!!!)

Changes I've noticed...

Physical: Well I don't look any different but I feel so much better. Eating healthy is amazing. Even just cutting out Active Carbs after 3pm is making a huge difference. I have been EXTREMELY SORE this week and I am looking forward to the worst of that being over!!! I love how lifting weights makes me feel

Mental: What can I say, Mental game is everything. I have felt really energized and invigorated this week. Anybody can do something for a week right. I have to prove to myself that I can do it until I reach my goal.

Spiritual: I feel amazing. I KNOW that I am suppose to be doing this. I KNOW that I need to get my health back so I can fulfill my calling as a wife, mother and a SERVANT of God. HE has BIG PLANS for me. (My fitness testimony in a nutshell)

There you have it. Week one down.


Camille said...

Erin! I am so in love with your blog!! You are so beautiful, you have a darling family, and you are so inspiring! Pretty sure I have just spent the last 30 minutes of my life reading through your blog. Congrats on your 2 pounds lost!! Woot woot! Every pound deserves a celebration! You are stronger than I am. Good luck in your weight loss journey! I can't wait to see how it goes next week. And thanks for your kind comments on our blog- I will try and not post so many treats this week . . . hee hee! I actually only let myself have one (or two or three) and then send the rest to work with my husband. :)
Anyway, so happy to have found you. I am your newest fan and follower! :)
Camille @

John Robert said...

Sister, I am in love with you. The first thing that went with all the stress that came from law school was a serious attitude about self improvement. If a busy mom like you can kick so much butt in one week, I think I'd better quit making excuses and work on becoming a better husband and father.

Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to read the Week Two report!

Piano Gal Val said...

Way to go Erin!! You are such an inspiration!

Brian and Emily said...

Way to GO Erin, you are amazing! You will achieve all your goals and more!! Miss you tons!

Jenna Robert said...

You're amazing girlfriend. What an inspiration. This Robert fan needs to kick it into high gear!

The Arave Family! said...

you go girl!!! you are an inspiration!!

Lisa Call said...

Erin, I'm kind of obsessed with you/your blog! you are amazing, and I am so impressed with your fam, kids, beauty, testimony, fitness goals, balancing it all, Etc. keep inspiring us all ;). XO-Lisa (Porter) Call

LuLu said...

Good for you Erin! And you have nothing to be embarrassed about at all. I'm sure all of your readers have a handful of kids and they're in the same exact boat. I know I am! Keep up the hard work :-)