September 26, 2011

Week Three Report and Weigh-In

Week Two Report and Weigh-in 
(Super Sick Edition)

Wow, this past week started out amazing and quickly turned into torture. On Wednesday morning I had so much blood in my urine that it looked like prune juice and the symptoms quickly followed. The week feels like a little bit of a blur. I started anti-biotics on Wednesday and am still taking them. My kidney's have been really sore and I haven't felt like doing anything. My energy has been low and so have my spirits. But, I still pushed through and followed my eating plan and workouts as good as I could. (Normally I would have just totally given up, but this is the NEW ME we are talking about.)

Monday Sept. 19 (With Trainer Lisa)
WE did a lower body weigh workout and she pushed me so hard. My favorite new thing we did was one legged leg press. This was so hard, but so amazing. The next day my entire butt was so sore and tight in the BEST way. Awesome.

Tuesday Sept. 20
Upper Body Weights & Cardio

Wednesday Sept. 21
I started feeling terrible so I just did 20 minutes of Cardio and headed home.

Thursday Sept. 22
Day Off (Sick in bed)

Friday Sept 23
Day Off

Saturday Sept 24
Lower Body Weights. I didn't push as hard as I normally would have but I did my workout and that is what counts. I'm trying to be consistent, regardless of my personal expectations.

Weigh-in Report 

Starting Weight: 168lbs
Last Week Weight: 163.6 lbs 
Current Weight: 162lbs 
This Week's Weight Loss: -1.6lbs (Total shock and amazement. Super happy about this considering.)

Changes I've noticed... 

Physical: Apart from physically being really sick, I am physically starting to feel really strong. I can tell when I pick up the kids that I am stronger. I seem to have more energy and I think that I look a bit thinner. I came down with a cold this morning and rescheduled my workout with Lisa for tomorrow morning. My body is having a hard time fighting off all of these bugs, but I'm pushing through.

Mental: This week has been a big mental battle. Do I workout even though I feel horrible? Is this an excuse that is reasonable, or am I just trying to shirk my workouts? Am I ever going to get better? Am I ever going to reach my goal? Is it worth it? 

Spiritual: This is the one area that has been great this week. I've felt the constant love of my Heavenly Father and Savior. I've felt the reassurance everyday that this is what I am suppose to be doing, that I am overcoming a weakness, and that they are there to help me. I feel safe and secure in this plan of "ours" and know that this is not just what I want for myself, but what they want for me. Only good can come out of losing weight and becoming more fit. I will be better able to fulfill my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and servant of God. I will become less dependent on others and more dependent on myself. I am becoming less idle, and more active. I feel a stronger desire to love those around me, to help others, to feel the spirit and to love my husband (amazing how feeling more attractive helps in that department). I also feel a sense of pride that I am sticking to something, and gratitude that the Lord is making it easier than in has been in the past. 

So keep me in your prayers this week will ya?
I'm looking forward to the day when I am no longer struggling to recover from the nightmare surgery I had earlier this year.

I can really use some prayers.


Terry said...

We have you covered in the prayer category. Love you so much. xoxo

coco said...

i'm so proud of you:)

John Robert said...

You're killing it. Keep it up!

lovinlife said...

Erin! You are doing great! I have been where you are before. After my last baby I had an IUD that went through my uterus into my colon. During surgery they could not find it anywhere. Finally the Dr. just cut me open and sifted through my insides for over three hours. I was shocked to wake up back in the maternity ward where people were recovering from cesareans. It was a LONG recovery because my insides were so bruised. Even 18 months later I would get horrible stomach aches if I even went on a bike ride. I just wanted my body back and to feel normal and good! I feel fine now but what I have learned is that sometimes I love being busy now, whereas before I would have been overwhelmed. I am just so glad that I can run my kids around and keep my house up and go on a bike ride if I want. I don't take my body for granted anymore at all. Weight Watchers is what worked for me (I never went to a class or anything, just did it at home) but you have so many more wonderful resources that really, youre gonna be just fine. Good luck and thinking of you! Love Abby