October 4, 2011

The Book Of Mormon: 30 Day Reading Schedule

Who has time to read The Book Of Mormon?

I don't. You don't. 

Who has time to brush their teeth, get the Laundry done, and scrub the Baseboards either?

Does anybody really have time?

Time vanishes in an instant. The Truth is that we only have time for what we MAKE TIME FOR.

Let me tell you what I make time for.

  • Phone calls with friends
  • Facebook/Blogging
  • Reading USA Today
  • Watching Movies
  • Crafts
  • Coloring my hair
  • Taking naps
  • Baking
  • Exercise
  • Homework with the kids
  • Housework
  • Laundry
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Going to church

Here is one more Truth.  I haven't read The Book Of Mormon cover to cover since I was a Missionary. This makes me sad. I've fallen into the Mind Set that "I just don't have time", when in reality it just hasn't been a priority. And somehow seeing my husband faithfully study his scriptures has foolishly given me the assurance that "we" are a house of Study, even a house of Faith. Shame on me. I  KNOW better. I know that scripture study isn't something on a checklist that you just cross off each day. I've suffered by not diligently and consistently feasting on the Word of God. I've distanced myself from the most important tool we have to draw closer to the Savior.

So rather than dwell on the past, I'm here to resolve to change, and I'm going to.

I've decided to participate in The Book Of Mormon Forum taking place over at BeingLDS.

The Book of Mormon Forum

I've also decided to:


Yes you read that right...I am going to FIND THE TIME.

And while I know that reading it quickly doesn't make up for lost time, I still don't want to put it off for another second.

So why don't you join me in reading it?

Do you want to? Do you need to? Do you need your own copy?

Feel free to email me your name and address at erin{dot}anytimefitness{at}gmail{dot}com and I will make sure to send you a FREE copy.

I am going to include my proposed reading schedule for the Month of October. I did not create this reading schedule, although I did make a document for you so that you can print it for yourself. The original was found {Here}.

Download Free Reading Schedule{Here}

And don't be shy. Let me know how your scripture study is going.

What helps you find the time to study?
How do you feel if you miss your daily scripture study?
How has The Book Of Mormon influenced your life?