October 10, 2011

Week 5 Report and Weigh-in

Wow, 5 weeks down. I hit a wall again this week called the FLU. Oh man, it just never lets up. There is always something keeping me from doing what I want to do...but I made it through. I missed three workouts but oh well, this is life and I'm going to just keep going. (See my Sunday Post about Consistency!) My weight dropped to about 156 when I was in the middle of the FLU so I am happy that I was just able to re-hydrate and keep it down a little.

I want to make a point that this journey for me is NOT about the numbers. But the numbers are a good way to measure my progress. I don't have some magical number that I want to weigh. I just want to feel good, feel healthy, and feel light.

As for food I need to do a separate post on that. I am eating a lot of food, just good foods. I could probably lose weight faster if I cut my calories more, but I am nursing and trying to make a change that I can live with forever. So I'm following Michael Jordan's advice.

"I just eat enough to FLY!!!"

I hope that these posts aren't annoying. I think that they are playing a BIG role right now in my motivation and success. It is amazing how many times a day I think...oh boy, make a good choice, you have to weigh yourself on Monday and the whole world will know if you hit your goal.

Monday Oct. 3
Upper Body Weights & HITT

Tuesday Oct. 4
Lower Body Weights (With Trainer Lisa check her out {Here})

Wednesday Oct.5
Sick with the FLU. Boo!

Thursday Oct. 6

Friday Oct. 7

Saturday Oct. 8
Cardio and Abs

Weigh-in Report 

Starting Weight: 168lbs
Last Week Weight: 160.4 lbs 
Current Weight: 158.6
This Week's Weight Loss: -1.8lbs (I'm in the 150's!!! Watch me go!)

Changes I've noticed... 

Physical: I felt pretty crappy this week due to the flu, but I buttoned up some jeans that  I couldn't fit in before. Awesome. I am getting around so much easier. I don't think about my knees, hips, back at all anymore. 5 weeks of any kind of torture is worth that my friends.

Mental: I hate being sick, but I didn't lose my head and I couldn't wait to get better and get back in the gym. (Who am I?)

Spiritual: I've been spending A LOT  of time in my scriptures this week and WOW I am feeling so full of light and inspiration. 


Rob said...

Thanks for being an inspiration or at least a motivation to me. You are awesome, keep going! -Diedre Gray (you do not know me but that is okay, right?)

Traci said...

loving all ur posts!!!
thanks for all the inspiration! now i just need to get my own butt in gear!
u go girl!!!

Silver Strands said...

I know that the #s are not what it's about - but they're OH-SO-ENCOURAGING! Good job!

Piano Gal Val said...

It was great seeing you at the gym today. You are very MOTIVATING!!! Thanks for taking the time out of your workout to chat with me. I hope I am as motivated as you are in 5 weeks.