November 19, 2011

Saturday In November

Saturday at our house is always a little bit slow getting started. Scott usually goes to the gyms for a few hours to make sure that they are clean and that fresh towels are out, and I try to start the laundry, get the house put together and feed the kids.

We love Saturdays.

Today Kate was obsessed with doing hair, and since I wasn't in the mood {it seriously hurts...just saying} Sawyer ended up being the guinea pig.

This is so funny to me.
Really funny.

We headed over to Dylan's Basketball game. He played pretty good. I haven't seen him play since last year and he has come a long way. He scored 14 points. He is still a head taller than all the other boys.

Kate and Sawyer went to the game with me. Sauce ate Cheetos and played with his cars. Every time the buzzer rang he got so mad.

Dylan is getting so old. He will be 8 in February. I'm kind of getting sad about it. He seems to be growing on fast forward.

The rest of the day was spent taking a Costco trip {they stole my money again, but I got a fabulous fresh wreath, and a beautiful fresh garland...oh my blessed smells}, hanging up Christmas lights, and just relaxing together.

Oh Lovely Saturday...Don't go.

How was your Saturday?
What did you do?


n*stitches said...

I love Saturdys as well! With Christmas nearing my daughter and I go tot spend some alone time shopping with out the boys. You have a great blog here! I found you on a Blog Hop and am your newest follower! I would love for you to visit and follow me back! Thanks!

Curls said...

I decorated for Christmas. Since I live in Canada I'm allowed :)

coco said...

i checked your blog 5 times wondering when you're posting your nyc trip! c'mon already:)
can't wait to hear about it!

jess ♥ said...

I love Saturdays too!! And Sundays :D
And Fridays...
Pretty much every day of the week is the bomb haha.

Your children are adorable!!! I'm here via the Restless Blog Hop! Now following your blog.