December 23, 2011

Mom Guilt

It is officially Day 10 of Scott taking care of EVERYTHING and me doing NOTHING. 

The mom guilt is killing me. 

Never have I wanted to do laundry, the dishes, or change diapers more.

I am recovering really well. Actually I think remarkably well. However, I am not suppose to really do anything. I can walk around and that is about it. Do you know how hard it is to keep myself from doing things. Especially picking up my sweet baby Wyatt when he is crying and looking right into my eyes. It takes all of my restraint.

Scott took off with the kids today and I haven't seen him in about 4 hours. He has been so wonderful. I always brag about how amazing he is...but he really is so amazing. He can do it ALL. And he has been so kind and wonderful through this whole ordeal. And for a guy to look lovingly at his wife while she is holding her own bag of urine...that says something folks!!!

This picture isn't the best quality, but it just perfectly illustrates Scott's role in this family. He is the Center. He makes sense out of all of our jumbled quirks and our family just works because of him. His focus is our family. It always has been and I know it always will be. He finds so much joy in being a Father and I love him so much.

I am amazed at how wonderful the hard times can be.  I've been forced to slow down and completely stop being a mom, or at least the majority of my mom roles. But my sweet hubs has taken over in every way and I love him. 

Do you hear that? I love you Scotty.

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AaReAn said...

I love that picture. And I am so glad you are feeling okay and thank heavens for that!!!!

Praying for you and your sweet little family. And of course for a very speedy recovery!! :-)

Have a super merry christmas!