December 4, 2011

Sunday Thoughts: Motherhood and My Christmas Angel

What I have gained from Motherhood:

Stronger Faith In Jesus Christ

The pursuit of a family and bearing children can be a hard journey and I have gained a stronger faith in my Savior because of it. My daily needs and weaknesses as a mother keep me continually returning to my knees to ask for help. I have never been let down.

Greater Love

I think that I grew another heart when I became a mother. I often wonder how I can feel {really feel} so full of love, compassion, empathy and patience for my children. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son." He loved us that much. Knowing how much I love my children,  and that He loved us that much that he would send his son. What an Amazing Gift. 


I am still amazed at the awareness and perspective I have gained from having children to look after. It has made it so much easier to remember what is truly important when my needs and my wants are not in the forefront of my mind. Being able to serve my family has made it easier for me to be able to serve those around me and care less about material possessions and more about the worth of souls.

Understanding of The Atonement

The process of bringing children into this world  is painful and hard. It is a struggle which has brought me deeper understanding of the LOVE that our Savior has for us. He not only suffered for our sins, but for our pains, sorrows, sicknesses, sadness, and losses. He truly understands our heartaches. Through my own pain and tears I have learned just how much he loves me. He was willing to suffer all, in order to save us; In order to save me.

To Know God

People are continually telling me that Kate is a "little" me. And she is. She resembles me so much. Seeing my reflection in her has brought me a deeper understanding of the divinity within myself. For we are all Sons and Daughters of a King. We all have divine qualities, attributes, and gifts. And we all have the ability to be a reflection of a Loving Father In Heaven and his perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

My Sweet Christmas Angel

Being a Mother is a Gift, a True Joy, and I am so, so ,so blessed.
I hope that all of you know and understand how grateful I am to be a mother.


And here is an Instagram Replay of the week:

Left to Right...

Flu shots. Not fun.

Elf on the shelf. Our new elf is named Scout.

Our home.

Dylan the Cow at the Manger. Don't laugh at the ears I made. Coming up with a cow costume was hard for me. I was blank.

Getting ready for a date with my good friend Shawri. It was awesome getting out of the house. Thanks Scott.

My Red Boots that I pull out at Christmas time. I bought them and DI. I don't care if you think they are ugly. They make me feel Christmas-ee. And a little like a cowgirl. PLUS, I live in Idaho.

Elf on the Shelf. Bless my heart. This is being adored by our children and loathed by me. I never remember to move the Elf and then I wake up in a panic!!!

I cooked our Turkey exactly a week after Thanksgiving. Give a mom a break. At least it got cooked.

Other BIG NEWS: I finally have a MICROWAVE!!!
I told the kids on the way home from church that they could pick ANYTHING for lunch.
They went with melted cheese roll-ups. How easy is that? 

Oh how I love the Microwave. Bless it.

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Maria said...

What gorgeous photos! Following via GFC from

Misti said...

Love the boots! You look beautiful! And I have the same problem with our elf, David... I'm so sick of almost being asleep and realizing I have to get up to move him! He has "tricked" us a few times and stayed in the same place!

Kendra said...

I love this post. I just became a mother this year and it has changed me in all the ways you listed. It is such a divine gift that we women are bleseed to partake in. Thank you for sharing!