February 20, 2012

Only The Strong Survive

The past week has been a difficult one.
Like...really, really hard.

Shouldn't there be a rule that mom's and kids cannot be sick at the same time.

Me: Double Ear Infection, Double Ear-drum rupture, Pink Eye, Upper Respiratory/sinus infection, Cough.
Wyatt: Double Ear Infection, Pink Eye, Upper Respiratory/sinus infection, Cough.
Sawyer: Pink Eye, Upper Respiratory/sinus infection, Cough.
Dylan: Upper Respiratory/sinus infection, Cough.
Kate: Cough.

Scott: NOTHING. He is the Last Man Standing. (Lucky Husband with the Immune System of Steel)

Last week was suppose to be rocking.

Wyatt Turned 1.
Valentine's Day.
Dylan Turned 8.
Lance & Terry came to town.

I did my best, but I was SO miserable.

The babies and I are on Anti-biotics but we still feel terrible. The best I felt all week was after I took Mucinex-D last night. My friend Shawri talked me into it and it really did make me feel better. Not even drinking the bottle of NyQuil helped this girl. Bummer.

It is so hard trying to take care of a family when you are sick. BOOOO.  Not to mention I am pretty much deaf right now and can't hear a thing. Not the phone ring, not the baby cry, not the kids fighting. And I missed another week of Church which really stinks. I so needed it yesterday. Scott & Dylan were the only one's that made it.

The good new is that the world goes on and somehow we make it through and forget it all. And I'm thinking a little bit of Spring could do that for me right about now.


I miss the gym. (Crazy)


Jill said...

Oh this sounds terrible! The mom definitely shouldn't ever have to be sick, but especially not when the kids are sick too!!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness. We are all sick right now but nothing compared to that. I agree that mommas shouldn't be allowed to be sick when our kids are. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Katie said...

Oh no! That sounds terrible...I hope you all get better soon!!!

Jenna said...

Oh! Get better my friend! So sorry! You need a break when you have recovered. It really should be a rule that babes and moms can not be sick at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to read this.
I hope you feel better soon.
Stay positive!
Stay strong!! ;)
Spring is almost round the corner...

AnnDeO said...

Hello Erin,
This is DeAnn, Shayne's friend, who watched over you and your brothers once long, long ago while your parents traveled. Your blog is lovely.

I am so in awe of your positive attitude with all that is happening around you. I had an ear infection 2 weeks ago while traveling and it was the pits... but I can't imagine two with ear drum ruptures and everything else.

I'm sending you good, healthy thoughts. What a beautiful woman you are. Take Care.