June 18, 2013

A Beginner's Guide To Talmage Book Review & Giveaway

When Deseret Book asked me to review this book I was so excited. I mean we ARE talking about Talmage here. Talmage = the GOOD STUFF!!!

  • Jesus The Christ
  • Articles of Faith
  • The House of the Lord
  • The Great Apostasy
  • The Story and Philosophy of "Mormonism"
These are just a few. And the first two listed here accompany every missionary into the mission field. These books are excellent.

So when I discovered that A Beginner's Guide to TALMAGE includes important excerpts of his writings from these books and speeches that he gave I was elated to get my hands on it. James E. Talmage has a way of expounding and teaching doctrine in a way that most are able to understand and yet it stretches their capacity to understand.

In this new book, Dr. Calvin R. Stephens arranges the teachings and writings of Talmage into sections that make searching his teachings so useful and helpful. For instance, just the first section, PLAN OF SALVATION, is broken down into Pre-Earth life, Creation, The Fall, Marriage, Atonement, Perfection, Salvation Offered to the Dead, Resurrection, Judgement, Kingdoms of Glory,  & Kingdom Presented to the Father. And that is just the first section. 

I think that this is an extremely useful reference tool. My brain and spirit are bursting with excitement over the  gems I've discovered so far in this book. 

One of my favorite quotes in the book so far is this one on the Godhead...

"God Is Omnipresent. There is no part of creation, however remote, into which God cannot penetrate; through the medium of the Spirit the Godhead is in direct communication with all things at all times."

And the quote just gets better as you read.

So lucky readers, I am giving away a copy of this book. Don't you want one?

All you have to do is Like My FACEBOOK page and leave a short comment. I'll pick the winner on Thursday!

I'll notify the winner via Facebook. 

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