August 20, 2013

We are headed to the State Fair

This Past weekend, Kate and Dylan competed in a Talent Competition put on by the Farm Bureau. The winners get to move on and compete in the State Fair. I was super proud of these two. They have now been in lessons for six months and are really taking to the violin. {Just like their Dad!} The violin is a difficult  instrument and they are really pushing themselves. They love their teacher Kera Butts, and she loves them. 

Kate took first place in her age group and took home $25.00.
Dylan took 2nd place in his age group and took home $20.00.

I never would have guessed it, but the judges also picked them for 1st place in the Group Competition!!! They got to split $25.00 for the group win, so they were pretty excited to make a large deposit at the bank.

The Family Peterson Duo will be competing their duet at the State Fair! I am really proud of them for their hard work. And I get to toot my horn too, because getting them to practice and driving them to lessons is NOT EASY! How do mom's do it? Am I the only one that thinks this music business is a HUGE CHALLENGE????

When we got home from the competition they gave the neighborhood kids a recital and I snapped these photos. 

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Kaylee said...

They are so cute!! Congratulations to them!! :)