September 30, 2013

Fantasy General Conference October 2013

Scott introduced this idea to our family at FHE last week and promised DADDY DATES to the kids for getting the best scores.  I asked him if I got a DADDY DATE too for winning and he replied, "of course", so I warned the kids that I am taking them down. And I really hope to, because Daddy Dates are awesome!!! And Daddy/Mommy dates are divine;)


I thought others might be interested in playing too. I can't imagine any teenagers not being interested in playing, and it might make them pay attention to ALL of General Conference! Wouldn't that be great. 


I put together a quick printable for you guys to use. 

And there are other options like the one found  HERE

And you can view a current list of all Leadership positions  HERE

And my 30 Day Read The New Testament before Conference is going amazing and I will post about that later.;)

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Nathan said...

This fantasy general conference activity is brilliant!