October 7, 2013

Park City 2013 Getaway At The Hyatt Escala

Scott and I had the opportunity to get away for 5 days in August. Let me just say that although we do feel like it is a priority to get away together, we don't do it very often or for very long. Luckily, Scott's mom was willing to fly into town and hold Grandma Camp for the kids. Scott and I traveled to Park City, UT, which only takes 3 hours in the car. It was so much fun getting away. We hiked a lot. Rented Mountain Bikes, attended the Salt Lake temple, shopped, ate great food, sipped lots of Hot chocolate and went to a movie.

We rented our Mountain Bikes at Cole's Sport and they are my favorite bike rental shop. The prices are reasonable and they get you in and out quickly. We biked for two days. Riding the lift at Park City Resort is so much fun and the trails are fantastic. We were covered in mud from head to toe because it poured rain on us. It made the experience even better because we were freezing and laughing so hard and eating tons of dirt. We left our car at Cole Sport and rode our bikes back to the Hyatt Escala.

I strongly recommend staying at this Resort. The prices were great for this time of year and the suite was amazing. We had so much room. I took a few pictures so you can browse through them a little, but this place was updated and nice. It was very clean, easy to get to, great pool, wonderful hiking, and the bathroom was AWESOME. It is located right next to The Canyon's Resort.

I didn't do dishes or laundry or make a bed or pick up a mess for 5 blissful days. Scott and I are pretty tidy and it reminded me that most of our messes come from the kids.

Spending 5 days with Scott was so beyond wonderful. We were able to do all the things that we love and we took advantage of every second together. Vacationing with your best friend is such a blessing and we appreciated it even more because we don't get to do it very often.

The good news is that the kids missed us and the house was in great shape.
The bad news is that I'm already itching to get away with Scotty.


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Kelly(M&M) said...

You guys are a beautiful couple. Glad you got away. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for continuing to inspire me.