October 22, 2013

Written On Our Hearts by Emily Freeman & GIVEAWAY!!!

Oh, how I love Emily Freeman's writing.

I am blown away by her ability to "Liken" the scriptures to me.
To you.
To everyone.

I read her books and I think to myself, "Self, you have never thought of it that way before." or "Self, now you get it don't you."

Have you read any of her books before?
*21 Days Closer To Christ
*Love Life and See Good Days

Oh, they are excellent. They make me love the scriptures. I mean, I already love them...but I start to really understand them, and 'listen' to them and then I really LOVE them. This new book has the prettiest cover of any book I have ever seen. It is stunning. When my copy arrived I just stared at it. It is so beautiful.

Written on Our Hearts is a book about Invitations From The Old Testament.
It is so well written. She uses personal testimony and experiences, modern day prophetic council and deep rooted questions, to pull life and meaning from the pages of the Old Testament. It is crafted so beautifully. I was teary eyed at almost every page turn. My heart was softened in such a sweet, delicate way. I have devoured almost every page and I'm so glad that I still have a few more chapters because I don't want it to end. I am sure I will read and re-read this book.

Read Daily Inspiration from Emily on her blog HERE!!!!

I'd love to give one of you a free copy.


All you have to do is leave a comment Below! Good Luck.


Chels said...

I love this blog and appreciate every single edifying word. My scripture study is very moldy lately so I would really love this book so much! What a blessing it is to have people that blow my brain off its stem because of the talents they have to say the things I need to hear!

Christina said...

I LOVE Emily Freeman. I'd love to read her latest book. Thanks for the chance!

Christina said...

I LOVE Emily Freeman. I'd love to read her latest book. Thanks for the chance!

Kyra Athena said...

I absolutely love reading Emily Freeman's thoughts. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us!

Erin Peterson said...

Chelsea how are you???

Erin Peterson said...

Christina, I take breaks from blogging too!!! Mom's just have too!

Erin Peterson said...


Isn't she great!

Freja said...

I'll be honest, I'd not heard of Emily Freeman before. This book looks lovely, thanks.

Lisa Johnson said...

I don't know if this giveaway is already closed or not, but it doesn't hurt to leave a comment anyways, right?
This book looks SO GOOD, especially since I just finished reading "Sarah" by Orson Scott Card. It made me look at the familiar story of Abraham & Sarah in a whole new way. It seems like this book would do that for me as well. LOVE IT!

Erin Peterson said...

Kyra Athena, You are the winner of our book giveaway! email me at someoneinmindblog@gmail.com come with your name and address and it will be in the mail!