November 5, 2013

Follow Me To Zion Book Review And Giveaway

Follow me to Zion is a new compilation of intimate stories, photo's, journal entries and incites into the lives of the pioneers that were part of the Willie Handcart company.

The experiences of over twenty different families are recounted in this book. There are dozens of full-color illustrations depicting the trying circumstances and the bravery and sacrifices made by these early pioneers.

I love hearing the stories of the pioneers. I love learning about these faithful Saints who put their trust in God, and pressed forward through trials so difficult most of us could never possibly even pretend to imagine them.

How is it that these ordinary people became so extraordinary in facing the hardships that came to them?

I wonder if I too would have faith sufficient to deliver me through such daunting and unthinkable conditions.

Do you have any ancestors that crossed the plains?

I do.

My great, great, great, great grandfather Horace Strong Rawson left his home and farm in Nauvoo for Salt Lake City. And while he was not part of the Willie Handcart company, still I know that they must have also suffered greatly on their journey.

I love these beautiful Illustrations by Julie Rogers.

 One of my favorite things that the authors have done is include a section at the end of each chapter called, "Reflections of a Descendant". I found the words and testimonies of these descendants to be so touching. I can't help but wonder how many of us would rise just a little bit higher if we knew the stories of our ancestors, and what we are really made of.

I think that this book is a treasure for any Latter-Day Saint. These people are our people. They are the roots that support our tree. We are strong because they were strong. We trust God because they taught us how to, because they proved his promises to be true.

When I think of "doing His will" I think of faithful believers in God who have, since the beginning of time, sacrificed all, everything they had, even their lives, to build the kingdom of God and to keep his laws.

I am so grateful for people like these emigrant pioneers,
who with faith and fortitude,
answered God's call.

I hope I can too.

"James G. Willie led 400 emigrant pioneers on a thousand-mile journey across the plains, he knew the trek would be arduous. They were leaving dangerously late in the season, and the company was ill-prepared for the rigors of the trail. But what he could not know was that the winter of 1856 and 1857 would be unpredictable early and extraordinarily severe. Nearly one-sixth of  his company would die along the way. Yet from one of the worst tragedies of the American western migration emerged triumphant stories of personal endurance, unsurpassed courage, epic heroism, and unwavering faith." 
-Deseret Book Press Release



If you would like to win your own copy, just leave me a comment below! Good Luck.

To purchase your own copy or as a gift visit Deseret Book Here.


Julie McHood said...

oh I LOVE the handcart Pioneers! This book looks lovely and I would love to own a copy. :)

Erin Peterson said...

It is Julie, it is amazing! I'll announce the winner next week;) Thanks for entering.

Chels said...

My ancestors all came in the Willie company and whenever I read their stories I can't believe that we are related. I don't even like hot dogs cooked over a fire and feel frustrated if my bum warmer in the car doesn't heat up fast enough. I don't have the brain cells to comprehend that level of sacrifice but it is so inspiring to try to be "true to the faith that our parents have cherished" when you realize that cherishing came at such a high price.

Erin Peterson said...

Chelsea, I would love to hear more about who your ancestors were!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Chels said...

Dear Erin, First item of business is that I absolutely love your blog. Thanks for all your posts. I am in your fan club! My ancestors were James and Amy Loader. James died in the middle of the trek and I think there were 5 daughters that came across with their mother Amy. My great great grandma was Patience Loader. Her older sister was Tamar and I think the others were Sarah and Mariah. I am a pioneer junkie and love stories, especially when I am related. Have you seen the new pioneer movie? Since we moved out of the bubble and into a marijuana legal state there are not deseret books abounding like the promised land I left! Hope all is well.