January 29, 2014

Top Ten Reasons "It's probably time to have another baby"!

I think that all my friends know that I wish I was pregnant. I'm pretty sure I bore everyone to death with my sob story of how bad I WANT another baby. Scott and I have always dreamed of having a large family and while we love and cherish each of our kids, it is hard not being able to grow into the family we wish we had.

After Wyatt was born we were warned about the dangers of my Uterus being able to carry another infant to term and the risks associated with attempting another pregnancy.

I had surgery to try and help my uterus be more viable and the Lord knows that we are both willing, however, so far we have not been given the approval of the Lord to try and have another baby.

So while we are in this waiting game, and while our window of opportunity is getting smaller, I often find myself laughing and crying about the silly things I find my baby hungry self doing.

Sometimes I even find myself mourning the kids I never got to have.

So here is my list, from my own experience of course, for all of you that are perfectly capable of having another healthy pregnancy, of how you will know when "It's probably time to have another baby."

Here Goes!

Top Ten reasons "It's probably time to have another baby"!

10. When your kids start complaining to you that they have nothing to do, it's probably time to have another baby.

9. If you're still keeping track of when you ovulate each month and every time you think to yourself..."Ya baby, I'm fertile", it's probably time to have another baby.

8. If you find yourself procrastinating potty-training your 3-year old and you DON'T want to give up diapers, it's probably time to have another baby.

7. If you're out in your garden digging holes for tulip bulbs and you start imagining placing each bulb into a healthy uterus, it's probably time to have another baby.

6. When you daydream about a total stranger walking up to you and giving you their baby, it's probably time to have another baby.

5. When your younger kids start acting demanding and entitled, it's probably time to have another baby.

4. When you find yourself contemplating buying a puppy for $850.00 dollars and  you have never even considered having a dog, it's probably time to have another baby.

3. When you find yourself borrowing babies to snuggle at church and not wanting to give them back, it's probably time to have another baby.

2. If you find yourself randomly picking up your 90 lb. 10 year old, and walking around the house with him cradled in your arms singing tender lullaby's, it's probably time to have another baby.

1. When you actually start volunteering to change your friends baby's poopy diapers, it's probably time to have another baby.

Well, I now officially have rid my house of any leftover baby items. They are gone. I'm adjusting to the idea that I need to just be a great mom to the wonderful kids I do have and keep borrowing babies at church.

Have any of you ever felt similar?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw...I feel for you, my dear friend! I'm pretty sure I've done a number of similar things. Last week I picked up Guy and rocked him like a baby. And I was in a pretty bad mood the other day when my period arrived! But bearing children is such a precious gift. The Lord loves you no matter what he decides to do in this area of your life. You're a fun Mom! And a beautiful one!

Ashley Z. said...

Haha I love this!! So good!

Corine Moore said...

Yes, I have felt similar... It was always my dream to have a VERY LARGE family. I was one of 8 children, and LOVED it! To have any less than 8 was just not an option to me (8-12 seemed PERFECT :). Then I had my 4th child. I thought I was just getting started. Then the lord made it very clear that we were to be DONE - and through obedience. I was DEVISTATED! We obeyed, but for many years I mourned. I wondered if I wasn't deserving of this most desired abundance... Now, after many years later of tears and prayers, I see the Lord's wisdom. I have learned to trust in Him and do HIS will rather than my own. I cherish my children and came to feel both satisfied and fulfilled. I know it is NOT because I am not deserving or a good mother. I know the lord has a plan and calling for each of his children, and sometimes we have to be willing to forego some of our own desires to fulfill His; but the Lord's path for us is always the better path.. I can see that you have also chosen to do His will, even though it is sometimes initially a very painful rather than joyful choice. I trust you will continue to find greater peace and great joy in His path for you, what ever it may prove to be! Corine :D

Kim Ogden said...

It's fun to be able to look in on your life from time to time. I aspire to be like you. We have struggled with whether or not to have another baby. We want the baby but not the pregnancy. Pregnancy and I are not friends. Kyjah keeps telling us she "can't wait till she has a baby sister". It makes me so sad then sometimes I think, we'll maybe....
Love you girl!