March 5, 2014

Longing for Home: Hope Springs, by Sarah M. Eden

  *The following book review is written by my dear cousin Lisa McCarthur . A huge thank you to Lisa for helping me out!.

Longing for Home: Hope Springs is the anticipated sequel to Sarah Eden's Longing for Home.  As we read, we see Katie continue to struggle between her feelings for Tavish and Joseph.  Should she choose Tavish, who makes her feel carefree, or should she choose Joseph, who listens to her and gives her the courage to face life's difficulties? Not only is Katie torn by her feelings for both men, she is caught in the middle of the conflict between the Irish Road and the Red Road, when she goes to work for Mr. Johnson at the mercantile in an effort to stabilize prices for the Irish residents of Hope Springs.   All the while, Katie grows closer to Joseph and his two daughters.  As her love for them grows, she realizes she will do anything to protect Hope Springs and her future. Tensions reach their boiling point and lives are lost on both sides of the conflict.  It is only through all the heartache that Katie finally comes to a decision, heals the hurt of the past, and brokers the peace essential to her future in Hope Springs. 

Longing for Home: Hope Springs is a must read that will leave the reader cheering Katie on in her fight for her future.

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