May 5, 2014

Read This Book: Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons

You've read the title, and now you're scratching your head, wondering if this book is for real, right?

It is. Yes, the authors are bona fide Mormons. And hilarious, too! They call themselves Sistas in Zion.  (Ensign Peak Press Release)


Stop scratching your head and read this book. I'm totally serious. Whether you are white or black, Catholic or Presbyterian, this book is for you.

I was laughing out loud from the very first page. These women are hilarious, clever, witty and smart. They are confident in themselves and in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Don't be surprised if you can't put the book down once you have started. It is made up of short, sweet and poignant journal entries which can be devoured one or twenty at a time. I loved their "urban dictionary" which came in handy. I also loved their honesty about life and its choices and consequences. These women are real. They tell it how it is. They don't hold anything back...they are 100% legit. 

If I had to chose my favorite story they shared it would either have to be the one about Mrs. Platt, the shoplifter, or the Prayer Warrior. I really loved them all. 

Here is a selfie of me, a perfect stranger  and my copy of Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons. I almost read the entire book on my flight last weekend. And I would have if I read faster than my 4th grader ;), but I also had to stop and ponder the new incites I received while reading this book.

Make sure to pick up your own copy!

Deseret Book / Amazon

And here is a snipped from their website on their About Us page. Enjoy!

"Are Mormons funny? Oh, Heavens Yes!  We’re just two Sistas with testimonies in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love to laugh and we think Mormons are hilarious, if we do say so ourselves. We don’t always agree with one another, but we always “Love One Another.” We are truly blessed to have one another as sisters, friends and SISTAS IN ZION."

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Mandi Roth said...

I've read many things about these sistas, They are too cute. I would love to read their book. :)