November 17, 2014

Deseret Book 2014 Gift Guide for the History Lover


I wanted to share some of my favorite reads this year. A few of them I read last year, but all of these would make an excellent Christmas Gift. 

If I had to choose my top favorite book out of these eight books, it would be the Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt. This book is probably my favorite book I've ever read right after The Standard Works. I really loved it that much. This book is incredible. The version of the book that I read was a very old print. I bought mine at a second hand store for twenty-five cents. Now that is a steal. The link I have shared here is an updated version of the book. 

I absolutely loved Surviving Hitler and I also was swept away by The Savior in Kirkland. Every single one of these books was fabulous. I HIGHLY recommend all of them.

*I'm lucky enough to be the receiver of most of these books for free. I purchased the Autobiography of Parly P. Pratt on my own. I received these books in exchange for my honest opinion. I've already shared reviews in the past on most of these books.